Why You Need Our Light Duty Racks!

July 26, 2022

Are you thinking about installing a quality racking system for your store, school or home? Is there any concern about the durability of the racks which will be installed in your space? Keeping in mind the importance of racks in retail stores, bookstores, schools and homes, Gujrat Steel has designed their multipurpose Light Duty Racks.

In your home, these racks can be used for storage purposes such as groceries, or for display purposes. Likewise, schools, retail stores and bookstores can use them for storing supplies, certificates, awards and books. These Light Duty racks are versatile enough to be used for a multitude of purposes.

Light Duty Storage Rack is suitable to prevent cargo damage and classify the products as per the need, which makes management convenient. We offer excellent stability and practical appearance to increase the storage capacity of your facility. Gujrat Steel Pvt. Ltd. is one of the noteworthy Light Duty Storage Rack Manufacturers in Pakistan.

Industrial Light Duty Storage Rack is convenient to install, requires low upkeep and is known for its durability. We have different types of Storage Racks available that help you display different products in a most organised manner. Being one of the most trusted Light Duty Storage Rack Manufacturers in Pakistan, we use the finest quality material to design and deliver a plethora of options to our customers. You can browse our website and place your order according to your preferences.

Salient Aspects of Light Duty Racks

  • Suitable for homes, stores, libraries and offices as they need to store light weight items
  • Economical and cost effective storage option for storing daily usage items
  • Each shelf has the capacity of carrying a load of approximately 80-90 kgs UDL per level
  • The racks can be placed in homes, stores and schools to enhance the beauty and storage space – improving the aesthetic outlook of the area.
  • Industrial Light Duty Rack can be easily assembled and reconfigured to fit your space.

Why Choose Our Light Duty Racks?

In many light goods industries, the most used is light duty racks. This kind of shelf is suitable for light goods. For example, supermarkets, pharmaceuticals, food industry, etc. all use Light Duty Racks to store their raw materials as well as finished products. Additionally, Light Duty Racks are also used to store files and documentation as Light Duty Racks are low in cost.

Secondly, our Light Duty Racks are convenient to move because they are relatively light compared to Heavy Duty or even Medium Duty Racks. Since they are light, they are also easier to set up and use right away. These lightweight racks are inexpensive and very popular, providing better results for practical use and creating a more perfect environment to meet the needs of the real world.