Corporate Social Responsibility

Acting responsibly for our community

Taking care of the community, who is our major stakeholder, is our top most priority. Since employees and clients are the key assets of our company, we ensure that they get benefitted from our products and systems. In order to give back to our society, we have been supporting many NGOs in achieving their goals by giving them financial assistance.

Gujrat Steel is committed as partners with local communities to support economic and social well-being. We also invest in various sustainable initiatives which benefit large groups of our community.

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Health, Safety and Environment

Well-being of our people and environment

Understanding our responsibility towards the environment, we focus on using only sustainable raw material, conservation of energy and water, emissions reduction, land reclamation and waste utilization. Gujrat Steel is a strong supporter of protecting the environment by avoiding any hazardous manufacturing or production decisions.

Compliance with ISO standards is mandatory in all of our business facilities to ensure that the well-being of employees is taken care of. All safety measures are instilled to give protection to staff and also maintain the efficiency of our systems and plants. Health and safety policies are also mentioned in our manuals to ensure that our people can work in a commendable working environment.

Human Resource Development

Develop a compatible and loyal workforce

Our people are Gujrat Steel’s strength and we take pride in saying our people are like a family. Realizing that employees are a valuable asset, it is mandated that they are engaged and their capabilities are developed through various training activities. Considering them as our backbone, we are committed to bringing positive changes in their lives so that they remain efficient and loyal to us.

Social security in the form of Health Insurance is provided to all employees and especially for our elder staff members, old-age benefits are given. Moreover, we also organize leisure activities annually for our entire workforce, such as picnics and club visits, to make them feel valued.

Gujrat Steel fosters an environment of teamwork, enhancing leadership capability, nurturing talent and encouraging employees to be passionate in their work.

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