Standing the tests of time, Gujrat Steel is experienced, competitive and strong

Our company has been present in this industry since 1948 and it has learnt proficiently to meet the market’s needs. Keeping in view of changing market dynamics, Gujrat Steel is proactive and offers solutions to its customers beforehand.

Initially, our aim was to provide high quality and durable furniture; due to the surging demand of varying steel products, diversification was undertaken in other ranges such as racking systems, safes, trailers and tankers. Even customization services are designed for our clients who want exclusive services for their amenities.

Having strong business values and abiding by the moral and ethical business practices has allowed us to gain the reputation of being a trustworthy organization. Also, fulfilling our commitment to keep on introducing innovative and productive solutions has given us an edge in our industry by being the first choice of our clients who are looking for durable steel products and systems.

Gujrat Steel is a leader on the national level and is recognized as a dynamic, vibrant and innovative company.



Sneak peek into our story of coming into existence

The partition of 1947 led to the mass migration and displacement of thousands of people, which meant that the security conditions in the country were tragic. People had very few valuable items and they wanted to protect what little they had.

Our founder, Mr. Muhammad Jamaluddin visited a bank in Karachi one day where he noticed that all the cash and other valuables, were being stored in trunks and cupboards. He realised there was a big need for safes and vaults in the new country as storing valuables in trunks wasn’t secure enough. He also realised that the solution had to be affordable, yet durable so that it would last through decades.

After thinking for a few days on the issue, researching on the possible solutions and experimenting with different techniques and procedures, Mr Jamaluddin came up with an idea to build a safe to store valuables. Initially he set up a small workshop in Saddar, Karachi, to manufacture a few beautiful, durable and affordable safes for close friends and family.

After this, Mr. Jamaluddin decided to explore this field even further as he purchased land and set up a factory at S.I.T.E, in 1962. He also branched out to include the manufacturing of racking systems and furniture items. Thus, from there onwards, there was no turning back and Gujrat Steel Pvt. Ltd. continued to prosper in the national market.


To ensure that our solutions offer outstanding quality, value and reliability for all our clients


To be the ultimate solution provider in all forms of steel products by integrating the latest technologies in our offerings. Gujrat Steel gives value to clients and makes sure that only superior quality products and services are provided while fulfilling our commitments to them.


Foundation of our existence

Gujrat Steel is a value-driven organization which has been standing tall despite the ups and downs of steel industry. Our core business values make us distinctive in terms of our working philosophy.


Agile, bold and risk taker
We courageously take challenges by undertaking deep customer insight for development of innovative products and services.


Perfection, enhancement and consistency
For achieving the highest quality standards, all the products and systems are designed and executed with excellence without any defect.


Trustworthy, reliable and credible
Business operations are conducted fairly with transparency and honesty.


Accountable, sensible and conscientious
We are responsible and respond to our community, country and environment in which the company is working. Always making sure that people are benefited all the time.

Team work

Respect, tolerate and understand
Working cohesively with everyone i.e. all colleagues, workers, staff members and even with clients for building cordial and long lasting relationships.


Getting stronger, competitive and agile with each milestone

Our business has been prospering in the steel industry – preserving our heritage and never compromising on quality standards. Salient features of our company which have contributed to attain prominent position in the market are:



Standing high in the market for more than seven decades is an indication of our credibility in terms of our commitment to fulfilling our client’s demands. Having years of experience and continuously expanding our product lines, highlight our strength in penetrating deep in our industry. We value our basic principles and work ethic and it is assured that the same level of service is provided to each of our clients in every project.



Exceeding our client’s expectations is vital for Gujrat Steel. Our team of professionals work as a team and ensure that up to date information is provided. We value feedback from our clients and make changes if possible. Over the years, our company has gained recognition of fulfilling all commitments on time with excellence.



Trust, integrity and credibility are distinctive features of our business which have stood persistent throughout its life. From the time when Gujrat Steel came into existence, the founders had a vision of giving value for money to clients – they should feel that they have undertaken the right investment decision. Till now, it is mandated that only genuine, affordable and durable solutions are made available for everyone.

Our Accreditation’s

  • ISO 9001:2015 Certified
  • Registered with Pakistan Engineering Council
  • Registered with the defense sector, government, semi-government and private bodies.
  • Brand of the Year Awards for 9 years i.e. 2009-2017, consecutively.