Drive-In/Drive-Through Racking System

Racking and Shelving Systems


Our Drive-In Racking Systems are yet another solution to optimising warehouse space, maximising storage capacity and reducing the number of aisles. Drive-In Racking Systems are ideal for the storage of homogenous products and in applications where goods are dispatched in batches as they use the first-in-first out (FIFO) system to ensure your products do not get spoiled.

Gujrat Steel Pvt. Ltd. Drive-In Racking Systems are the most preferred solution to conventional block stacking where pallets simply cannot be stacked on top of each other.

  • Size: As per requirement. Completely customisable.
  • Standard colour of Uprights: Black; Standard colour of Beams: Orange.

Technical Specifications

  • No of levels:As per requirement
  • Metal used: imported.
  • Paint: Oven baked / Powder coated .
  • Load bearing capacity: Approximately 2000 Kgs UDL per level.

Additional Information

  • Ideal for usage:
  • Colours available: Black, yellow, dark/light grey, blue, orange, red.
  • Colours can be completely customised at an extra cost.
  • Also available in 1ton, 2 tons & 3 tons load bearing capacity