Cantilever Racking System Double Sided/Single Sided

Racking and Shelving Systems


Our Cantilever Racking System is specifically designed to store long loads such as beams, pipes, timber and even cloth rolls. This rack enables loads to be handled by using lifting systems such as lift trucks, mobile cranes, stacker cranes, etc. These systems are chosen depending on the load to be stored (mainly weight and dimensions) or the height of the rack itself.

The system consists of columns with a vertical beam and one or two horizontal beams at the base to provide stability. A series of arms are attached on which the load is placed. These columns are made of hot-rolled metal beams at variable heights enabling them to be fitted. Moreover, its design allows the loads to be fitted on one side of the structure only, or on both sides.

  • Size: As per requirement.
  • Standard color of Upright: Black; Standard color of Beam: Orange

Technical Specifications

  • No of levels:As per requirement
  • Metal used: imported.
  • Paint: Oven baked/ Powder coated.

Additional Information

  • Ideal for usage: Warehouses for pipes, carpet rolls, all kinds of raw materials in roll forms.
  • Colors available: Black, yellow, dark/light grey, blue, orange, red.
  • Colors can be completely customized at an extra cost.