Why Buy Office Furniture From Gujrat Steel

January 17, 2022

About Our Metwood Furniture Solutions:

Our Metwood Furniture Solutions is modular and is known for its durability and quality finish. Made out of superior quality imported materials and finished with our signature powder-coating paint or Polish work. Since this is our signature range which consists of our exclusive models, this range is always in stock and ready for delivery. Expansion in the future does not mean you will have to upgrade all your office furniture, just to get uniformity in your workplace. This not only ensures you save money but also saves time.

Our brand Metwood Furniture Solutions consists of a complete, modular range of office equipment in both wood and steel as well as a combination of both. This range includes:

  • Pre-Engineered Partition Systems,
  • Executive Desks and Chairs
  • Workstations/ Cubicles
  • Cupboards
  • Filing Cabinets & Cupboards
  • Compressed Filing Systems (Mobile Shelving)
  • Fire-Resistant Doors for Executive Offices & Fire-Exit Doors.

Why Choose Gujrat Steel?

  1. Modular Furniture:

An attractive office consistently establishes a sound workplace for its employees. The cubicles or workstations that they are allotted ought to be in a way that regardless of whether they are many in one, employees actually have their own space and can deal with their tasks without any interference.

This is actually what Modular Furniture is supposed to do. It adds comfort and convenience for the employees and thus, helps increase their efficiency.

  1. Quality – Trusted for over 70 years:

All our products are manufactured at our plant in Karachi, under the strictest quality controls, so that you can be assured that you will receive only the best quality products. Being certified with PEC and ISO along with winning the Brand of the Year Award for 10 years straight, Gujrat Steel has successfully made its name synonymous with quality and innovation.

Over seventy years later, we are a titan in the field of industrial and private steel goods manufacturing and fabrication, with four strong brands and a reputation for quality that continues to raise the bar for our competitors.

  1. Value For Money:

As a businessman, you would certainly give priority to the cost factor while making decisions. Modular office furniture is extremely pocket-friendly to fulfil your requirement in a limited budget.

  1. Fully Customizable Options:

The best thing about our Metwood Furniture Solutions is that it is customised to suit the interiors of the premise and hence, it will never look over-stuffed or under-furnished. Therefore, you can make your office look as you want it to.

  1. Hassle-Free Relocation:

Relocation process in itself is quite cumbersome, but relocating the furniture is the most daunting task. The modular furniture that is available is comparatively light in weight and hence, even the relocation process turns out to be smooth and simpler.

What Sets Gujrat Steel Products Apart From Our Competitors?

  • Raw Materials:

Of course one cannot ignore the raw material used to make this office furniture. Gujrat Steel imports the best quality of Cold-Rolled Steel of E.G grade 1, that is used to manufacture our premium quality products to ensure that we only give the best to our clients. The same material is used globally in International furniture standards.

  • 9 Step Processes:

Our Metwood Furniture Solutions products are thoroughly treated with processes such as Degreasing, Derusting, Phosphating and Oven-Baked Powder Coating to ensure elegance and superior functionality. With an in-house Powder-Coating plant as well as the facilities for Oven-Baked paint, Gujrat Steel has full control over the quality of its products and its manufacturing processes.

In Conclusion:

Our range of semi modular furniture is designed with three things in mind; aesthetic, comfort and functionality. Top-grade materials and exquisite craftsmanship are combined to create products that are attractive and are of outstanding quality.

The Metwood Furniture Solutions range offers a complete range of semi-modular wooden office furniture including, workstations, conference tables, executive desks, filing cabinets, office partitions, as well as furniture for libraries, locker rooms and cafeterias.