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We also manufacture a two-in-one solution for those clients that have the need for both a cupboard and a filing cabinet, but only have the funds and space for one. Our Metwood Premium Filing Cabinet cum Cupboards offer the best solution as Standard Filing Cabinet cum Cupboard is a two-in-one filing system.  It is spacious, stylish, easy-to-use and allows flexible filing.  This cabinet is durable, multi-purpose yet economical compared to two separate units.  Made of high quality CRC sheets and oven-baked for strength, beauty and durability.

Our Metwood Premium Range Filing Cabinets cum Cupboards are available in 4 drawers and 3 drawers models. They have built-in handles, card frames on each drawer and locking systems for security, which make sure that only one drawer can be open at a time. Not only is this great from a security point of view, but also ensures that your Filing Cabinets do not tilt over and cause any accidents or injuries.

We recommend purchasing link pockets for systematic filing, along with these Metwood Premium Range Filing Cabinet Cum Cupboards.

  • Size: 53″H X 35″ W X 24″ D.
  • Number of drawers: 4 Cum cupboard.
  • Premium quality cabinet combined with a cupboard to give a dual and modern design
  • Standard Colour: Oyster Grey.

Technical Specifications

  • Cabinet fitted with cylinder lock; duplicate keys are provided.
  • All drawers have built-in handles and card frames for easy labelling and organising.
  • Metal used: CRC E.G. grade 1 imported
  • Paint: The cabinet has a baked enamel paint finish which is processed at 150°C.

Additional Information

  • Ideal for usage: Office, home, shop any place where you need to store important documents.
  • Extra fittings at extra cost:
    • (a) Drawer partition
    • (c) Link Pocket
    • Wooden pallet/ Steel Stand/ Steel trolley
  • After-sales services and spare parts are also available.