Deluxe Range Cupboard

“Metwood” Furniture Solutions


Our Deluxe Range is designed for low-budgets and is made out of good quality imported steel almirah sheets. This range is specially for those who want better products than what is generally available in the market.

These cupboards can be used in offices or schools to store files, books and magazines. They can also be used in a variety of ways, including storing groceries at home or spare parts at a workshop. Available in standard, conventional designs, this range is finished with superior quality oven-baked paints.

  • Size: 71″H X 35″W X 16″ D/ 71”H x 48”W x 16”D.
  • Conventional design
  • Standard Colour: Grey.

Technical Specifications

  • Key lock & extra Shelves, Lockers & Drawers are available.
  • Metal used: Imported.
  • Paint: Oven baked / Powder coated.

Additional Information

  • Ideal for usage at: offices, stores, banks, homes, schools, hospitals, etc.
  • Extra fittings are available at an extra cost:
    • (a) Shelves
    • (b) Locker & Drawer