What Are Heavy Duty Shelvings/Rackings?

March 28, 2022

The heavy duty shelving system is designed for smart storage of medium to heavy load goods. It is a safe and adaptable storage system which is easy to adjust as per the changing business requirements. Heavy-duty shelving can store a wide variety of items and provide direct access to all stored items.

These systems are based on the “person-to-product” principle and products are deposited and retrieved manually from shelves. Using our expertise, we strive to provide the most suitable storage solution for scalable organizations. We are a one-stop place where only efficiency-enhancing storage solutions ranging from pallet racking to shelving are offered.

Advantages Of Using Heavy Duty Shelvings/Rackings:

  1. Regardless of the type of goods, available space or specifications, Heavy duty Shelving can adapt perfectly to meet your requirements with our wide variety of upright and beam profiles.
  2. More importantly, heavy duty shelving is versatile and makes excellent use of the height of the warehouse. The higher levels in the system can be accessed using equipment that lifts the order picker to the required height (forklift trucks or stacker cranes) or through gangways between shelves.
  3. Our made-to-measure heavy duty storage racks are sturdy, low maintenance, and ultra-safe.
  4. Another advantage is their ability to be configured in different combinations to cover all warehousing needs, including multi-level storage designs for increased cubical space utilisation.
  5. These heavy duty shelving units effortlessly blend into your existing storage system.
  6. The extensive range of accessories available makes it the most customizable shelving unit available in the market.
  7. Easy to dismantle, relocate or reconfigure.

What Makes Gujrat Steel Racking Systems Different?

Our Heavy-Duty Pallet Rack Systems are specifically constructed and designed for tough loads up to 4000 kgs, per shelf and therefore, are the most suitable option for warehouse racking systems. We also manufacture accessories such as wooden pallets and steel pallets, isle and row markers, to ensure your convenience.

Our experts will help you plan your space and design the most suitable racking system to suit your requirements. Our racks will not only help you stay organized, but will also help you increase your efficiency. Whether you have less or more floor area designated for storage of your raw materials, finished products or other items – we will create a storage solution in alignment with your needs.

At Gujrat Steel, we take pride in assisting our clients in optimally designing the racks to meet their specific requirements. Therefore, we offer an on-site inspection service in which our experienced team visits the place the racking system would be installed, and gives suggestions on what type of racking system should be installed in that space.

Not Sure about What To Do?

The most important quality of a good Racking/Shelving Solutions company is not simply to be aware, but to be able to participate in a smart, nimble way. You want a partner who is first and foremost a strategist, as well as a design consultant – someone who can provide you with expertise and quality service, well before showing you your racking options.

Which is why you’re at the right place! Contact us today to take advantage of our free consultation and on-site inspection services. We will work with you to provide you with a solution that elevates your company’s image and boosts productivity!