Gujrat Steel Brings Wall Mounted Overhead Cabinets for Offices

November 7, 2022

Equipping a functional yet stylish office takes some time and thought. And choosing a filing cabinet can become particularly difficult. Blocky, solid, and often unappealing, filing cabinets are the only type of furniture that is specifically designed to organize as many documents as possible.

Your modern office needs a modern solution to the traditional filing cabinets. Which is exactly why we have developed our Wall-Mounted Overhead Cabinets. Stylish, modular, classic and sleek, these Wall-Mounted Overhead Cabinets are everything you have been looking for.

Modern office design has a signature look that’s simple and clean. With a focus on minimal silhouettes and bold décor, it’s no wonder this is the go-to style choice for most corporate offices and start-up businesses today. Want to deck out your own workspace in this luxurious yet understated style? Here’s how:

Keep it Simple

If you’re going for a modern look in your office, it’s best to keep things simple. Although furniture that incorporates the latest technology such as adjustable height mechanisms is certainly a step in the right direction, be careful to steer clear of overly ornate design elements such as picture frame drawer fronts or bun feet. 

These features lean more toward contemporary or traditional. A truly modern piece will include straight lines and a sleek, sophisticated look without the overcomplicated design elements.

Think Minimal

Don’t overstuff your office with tons of furniture and accessories. A modern workspace should have an open and airy look. Although this is primarily accomplished via simply designed furniture, it must also be enhanced by an uncluttered work life. 

Keep paperwork filed away, leave walkways unobstructed and be careful not to fill your walls with too much stuff.

What Makes Our Wall-Mounted Overhead Cabinets Different?

If your office is already cramped and short on floor space, using Wall-Hanging Cabinets is the ideal choice for you. Wall-Hanging Cabinets give you storage space without affecting your floor plan. They are mounted on walls with the help of strong bolts and are sturdy enough to hold a lot of your files.

Different spaces require different pieces of furniture. Our overhead cabinets come in different heights, widths and shapes, so you can choose a combination that works for you. You can also customise these cabinets to your specific needs.

As part of our Premium Range these overhead cabinets are the best solution for your filing and storage needs. These overhead cabinets are made with premium quality imported steel and are treated with many different processes such as derusting, phosphating and degreasing to ensure dynamic products that do not age with time

About Our Modular Furniture Range- Metwood Furniture Solutions

Our Metwood Furniture Solutions is modular and is known for its durability and quality finish. Made out of superior quality imported materials and finished with our signature powder-coating paint or Polish work. Since this is our signature range which consists of our exclusive models, this range is always in stock and ready for delivery. Expansion in the future does not mean you will have to upgrade all your office furniture, just to get uniformity in your workplace. This not only ensures you save money but also saves time. 

Our brand Metwood Furniture Solutions consists of a complete, modular range of office equipment in both wood and steel as well as a combination of both. This range includes:

  • Pre-Engineered Partition Systems, 
  • Executive Desks and Chairs
  • Workstations/ Cubicles
  • Cupboards 
  • Filing Cabinets & Cupboards
  • Compressed Filing Systems (Mobile Shelving) 
  • Fire-Resistant Doors for Executive Offices & Fire-Exit Doors. 

In Conclusion

These secure storage options are built for easy use and a user-friendly experience. They are delivered fully assembled and are additionally easy to install, saving time and lots of frustration. These products are delicately constructed from high-quality materials and are designed to last.

If you are interested in customized storage solutions, please talk to our sales representatives by calling 021-35686412. Our first priority is ensuring that our customers locate the best item for their needs, and we’re always delighted to offer assistance. If you have any questions regarding any of our products, please do get in touch via phone or email at [email protected] . You can also visit our showroom at 183 A.M. Shahrah-e-Iraq, Saddar, Karachi.

We are dedicated to delivering excellent customer support and we’re always delighted to offer support.