The Best Type Of Warehouse Racking/Shelving System

March 19, 2021

There are some questions that one needs to ask themselves before investing in a Warehouse Racking/Shelving System. Being the oldest manufacturers of racking systems and equipped with the most equipped and most advanced roll forming plant, we understand the nitty gritties of racking systems.

A racking system is essential for any warehouse as it creates order, maximizes storage space and makes your operations efficient over all. Therefore, one must be very careful in choosing what type of Warehouse Racking System they are getting.

Below are some questions that we believe every customer should consider before buying a warehouse racking/shelving system:

  1. What Are You Going To Store on These Racking Systems?

The first question one should be asking themselves when purchasing a racking system for their warehouse, is what would be stored on these racks. Racking Systems are made on the basis of their load bearing capacity to ensure that accidents, such as racking systems collapsing, do not happen.

Gujrat Steel has the provision to supply racking systems that can hold from 100 kg to 4000 kgs UDL per level. We also have the ability to supply and install Louvered Panel Racks that are ideal to store spare parts and smaller raw materials such as nuts and screws.

  1. What is Your Available Space? How High Up Is The Ceiling of Your Warehouse?

You may not have much space available in your warehouse, and you may therefore want to make the most out of it. Choosing a racking system that is designed specifically for your space can help you to increase storage density, so this is one of the first things you must consider.

If your ceiling is high, it would be best for you to get a racking system that is up to your ceiling in height. This would help you make the most out of your existing space. These racks so high up would be made accessible with the help of Walkways and Mezzanine Floors.

  • Would You Be Using Handling Equipment such as Forklifts?

How will the racking be accessed? Whether you use reach trucks, forklift trucks or any other types of lifting vehicles, this will affect your choice of racking and needs to be taken into account.

Using Forklifts is quite important especially when handling  heavy goods. We have special racks that are tailored to accommodate Forklifts and Stackers to move easily in between isles to pick and drop goods from their specific isles and bays.

However, using forklifts is not only dangerous, but is also expensive as it adds operation and maintenance costs. Therefore, we suggest using High Rise Walkways as it is a cost-effective and low maintenance option that also saves time and is more efficient.

  • Would Your Operations Require Transferring Items From One Department To Another?

Since conveyors make the transportation of business materials and products quick and efficient, they will be extremely useful in your material handling, warehouse, logistics, food and beverage, packaging, distribution, inspection or manufacturing facility or assembly shops.

A conveyor system is utilized in various industries as a mechanical handling equipment to move goods, raw materials, products and other materials from one location to another usually in the same building or area.

  • What Kind of Materials Are Used In Manufacturing These Racking Systems?

Racking System manufacturers may dupe you into buying low quality racking systems that will not last long as they are made out of low quality raw materials. These low quality materials are cheap, which would make the racking system cheap too but they would not be able to hold pressure evenly. As a result, you would have to replace these huge racking systems very quickly which prove to be expensive in the long run.

  • What Is The Safety Factor of a Racking System and Why Is It Important?

The best pallet racking solution for your business is the one that safely delivers on its operational purpose. When we talk about pallet racking hazards, most people immediately imagine scenarios where a system has suffered a complete or partial collapse. While a total collapse is usually the biggest concern; there are a lot of other common hazards like falling materials, pallet dislodgement, emergency response and egress, material handling equipment traffic, and ergonomics.

Most pallet rack safety hazards can easily be avoided by:

1) Paying attention to detail when designing the system

2) Ensuring it’s installed to manufacturer specifications

3) Providing adequate training on the proper use and maintenance and the material handling equipment that is used with it.

We understand that choosing the right Warehouse Racking System could be quite a confusing and tedious process. Therefore, you can easily call us today for a free quote which is customized according to your needs, your space and your requirements.