Secure Storage Cupboards For The Workplace

December 17, 2021

Conquer your messy office, workshop or work area with our general-purpose secure storage cupboards. Big value but practical cupboards help you stay organised with your crucial files at every turn. Built with a rugged welded frame architecture ensuring it’s strong enough for industry use.

You’ll be able to free up floor space in your office, workshop or work area with our versatile space-saving secure storage cupboards.These budget-price yet highly competent cupboards help you keep important information on hand once and for all.The cupboard is created with a hardwearing welded frame framework ensuring it’s rugged enough for industrial use.

The cupboards are delivered fully assembled and are reassuringly simple to use, saving you time and a lot of frustration.Bring order to your space with our highly capable money-saving storage solutions.

What Are Some Storage Options We Manufacture?

  • Compressed Filing Systems:

Our Modular Compressed Filing Systems create a lot of storage space in confined areas. When more space is needed in existing premises, these Modular Compressed Storage Systems allow you to gain space without any extensions. You can save up to 66% space by using this compact storage system.

Fitted on tracks and equipped with easy-to-use handles, the Modular Compressed Storage System can also be used in your homes in walk-in closets to maximise space. They can be fitted with adjustable shelving or our premium quality cupboards to suit your requirements.

There are 3 types of Compressed Filing Systems that we manufacture:

  1. Mobile Shelving Systems
  2. Push-Cart Cabinets
  3. Mobile Cabinets
  • Cupboards:

Different spaces require different pieces of furniture. Our Premium Series cupboards come in different heights, models and colours so you can choose a combination that works for you. You can also customise these cupboards to your specific needs.

As part of our premium modular furniture range, these cupboards are the best solution for your filing and storage needs. These cupboards are made with premium quality imported steel and are treated with many different processes such as derusting, phosphating and degreasing to ensure dynamic products that do not age with time.

We also have different variations available such as:

  1. Single-Door Cupboards
  2. Double-Door Cupboards
  3. Box-File Cupboards
  4. Glass-Fronted Cupboards
  5. CSB (Doorless) Cupboards
  6. PVC Shutter Cupboards.


  • Filing Cabinets:

There is no need to compromise on style or quality. Gujrat Steel Pvt. Ltd. has all your filing needs covered.

A Filing Cabinet is a piece of office furniture usually used to store paper documents in file folders. Our Filing Cabinets are fitted with a unique state-of-the-art security system that only allows you to open one drawer at a time. This also ensures that the cabinet does not fall over due to all the drawers being open at the same time.

These Filing Cabinets are available in different models and sizes, and are also available in fire-resistant models to safeguard your precious documents in the wake of sudden fires.

Some of the different types of Filing Cabinets we manufacture are:

  1. Premium Lateral Filing Cabinets
  2. Deluxe Filing Cabinets
  3. Standard Filing Cabinets
  4. PVC Shutter Filing Cabinets
  5. Overhead Filing Cabinets
  6. Fire-Resistant Filing Cabinets
  • Light-Duty Shelving:

Gujrat Steel Light-Duty Racks are generally used in bookstores, retail stores, schools and even homes. Each shelf can carry a load of 1-125 kg per level. Equipped to accommodate goods of varying weights and sizes while maintaining cost-effectiveness, our Light-Duty Racks can be used for a multitude of purposes.

At Gujrat Steel, we take pride in assisting our clients in optimally designing the racks to meet their specific requirements. Therefore, we offer an on-site inspection service in which our experienced team visits the place the racking system would be installed, and gives suggestions on what type of racking system should be installed in that space.

In Conclusion

These secure storage options are built for easy use and a user-friendly experience. They are delivered fully assembled and are additionally easy to install, saving time and lots of frustration. These products are delicately constructed from high-quality materials and are designed to last.

If you are interested in customised storage solutions, please talk to our sales representatives by calling 021-35686412. .Our first priority is ensuring that our customers locate the best item for their needs, and we’re always delighted to offer assistance. If you have any questions regarding any of our products, please do get in touch via phone or email at [email protected] . You can also visit our showroom at 183 A.M. Shahrah-e-Iraq, Saddar, Karachi.

We are dedicated to delivering excellent customer support and we’re always delighted to offer support.