Storeway Racking and Shelving Systems

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Innovative, spacious, sustainable storage designs

Simply put, Gujrat Steel has made a mark in the industry by developing creative and strategic racking and shelving systems. Efficient utilization of the available space is our purpose – ensuring that customized solutions are provided in alignment with your products, budget and storage capacity to fulfill the needs with racks for storage.

Our unique set of Storeway Racking and Shelving systems has a range of options for your needs:

Warehouse Racking Systems

  • Semi-Medium Racks
  • Medium Duty Racks
  • Semi-Heavy Racks
  • Heavy Duty Racks
  • Heavy Duty Racking cum Shed
  • Cantilever Racks
  • Racking cum Mezzanine
  • Drive-In/Drive-Through Racks
  • High-Rise Walkways
  • Hanging Tote-bin Racks

Shelving Systems

  • Light-duty Shelving
  • Library Shelving
  • Supermarket Shelving

Compressed Filing System

  • Mobile Shelving
  • Push Cart Cabinets
  • Mobile Cabinets