What Do I Need To Know To Order Pallet Racking?

April 6, 2021

Gujrat Steel Heavy-Duty Racking Systems are built for storing large-sized loads. The long lasting epoxy finishing increases the lifespan and durability of the racking system.

Gujrat Steel Pvt. Ltd. Heavy Duty Racking Systems are specifically constructed and designed for tough loads from 1000-4000 kgs, per shelf and therefore, are the most suitable system for heavy-capacity warehouse users.

Do you need to order pallet racking but are confused about how to even start the process? If you aren’t familiar with pallet racking, or you just want a refresh, here are some helpful tips to think about before you purchase pallet racking:

  • Height and Depth:

Gujrat Steel Pvt. Ltd. has the most advanced technology in Pallet Racking Manufacturing available in Pakistan. We have a completely automated Roll Forming Machine for both uprights and beams, along with a seam-locking machine. We have the technology to produce Box Beam Pallet Racks that are topped with our signature in house powder-coated paint.

Therefore, we have the ability to provide you with Pallet Racks that are completely customised keeping in mind your needs and requirements.

  • Weight Capacity:

Being the pioneers of Racking Systems in Pakistan, we fully understand that the weight capacity of a racking system is extremely important not just in terms of safety, but also to ensure that you get the most out of your investment.

A critical question to ask yourself prior to buying a racking system, is what amount of weight do you expect to put on the racking system? The most ideal approach to work this out is to gauge your heaviest cargo pallet and your lightest cargo pallet.

On the off chance that you can give us some insight on which pallets you will store and what your average of levels of stock are, we would be able to provide you with a greater level of tailoring in order to suggest a your racking system that especially caters to guarantee safety for your items and your personnel, as well as ensuring cost effectiveness– vertically expanding to decrease the expense of additional uprights.

  • Understanding the Types of Pallet Racking Systems:

While Pallet Racking isn’t rocket science, we understand that not everyone knows what’s the best option for them since there are so many varying types out there which can be confusing to first time or even fairly experienced buyers.

We have a complete blog post outlining the different types of pallet racking, and which one/s are the best investment for you. You can read more about them here:


  • Make it easy for yourself – Ask the Racking Experts!

It’s not your job to know everything about pallet racking – that’s why you do what you do, and we do what we do!

There may be other factors you haven’t thought of that will affect your racking type, layout & design. We know about things like international racking standards, ideal installation conditions, safety factors, and environmental restrictions.