How To Secure Warehouse Pallet Racking

October 11, 2021
  1. Rail Guards
  2. Durable Raw Material
  3. Bolting to the floor


So now you’ve made an investment and purchased a Racking System for your warehouse. Obviously you would want it to be safe and secured so that it does not pose a hazard for your employees and also so that it lasts you for a long time.

This raises the question of what you can do to ensure that your racking system is secured properly? We have compiled a list of a few things that can guarantee you peace of mind:

  1. Add Row Guards:

Row Guards are specifically designed to protect the bottom of your rack systems from equipment strikes. The guards are bolted to the ground, not the rack, to absorb impact while protecting the system safely. The unique shape is what separates end row guards from column guards.

Row Guards are placed in front of the column and then extend down the length of the upright to protect the horizontal strut and rear column. Typically the guards are painted safety yellow to make them easy to spot… and avoid.

Use Row Guards for any pallet rack system design, including Cantilever, Drive-in, pallet, Heavy-Duty or Medium-Duty. The Gujrat Steel design and engineering team will work with you to build the best system to meet your needs and ensure it is protected from the effects of a busy warehouse environment.

  1. Use Upright Protectors:

Similar to Row Guards, these are individual steel  guards added to each upright, protecting the rack by providing a barrier to absorb collisions instead of transmitting the impact shock to the rack. They also serve to warn forklift operators that they have reached the back of the rack.

  1. Use Durable Raw Material

Using substandard materials to reduce costs is an age old practice. Compromising on quality would never turn out good in the case of a Racking System for your Warehouse. Using substandard materials would put your employees at risk as the Racking Systems would always have a risk of collapsing. THis won’t only cause serious injuries, or loss of life, but it would also affect the flow of your operations.

This is why Gujrat Steel never compromises on quality. Saving a few thousand rupees but always living with the risk of your entire Racking System collapsing is not a good bargain and definitely not worth the stress on your mind. Investing in good quality Racking Systems, built according to international standards is the best option for you to live a carefree life.

  1. Limit the Load On Each Rack According To Its Capacity:

This is perhaps one of the biggest reasons why some Racking Systems end up collapsing. Loading Racking Systems with more load than what they can bear is extremely hazardous to the employees working in your warehouse but also to the running of your entire operation. If a Racking System installation collapses, it would be weeks until everything goes back to normal.

Testing every Racking System before its installation is a standard practice at Gujrat Steel. We make our Racking Systems undergo several tests and procedures to ensure the safety of our clients and their operations. Built according to international racking standards, our planners and engineers make sure each rack is sturdy enough to handle the weight it’s supposed to bear, keeping in mind the degrees of deflection. Gujrat Steel proudly manufactures Racking Systems that have a load bearing capacity from 100 kgs to 4000kgs per level.

  1. Inspect Your Racking System Regularly:

Between forklift damage, incorrect construction and improper installation, there are a lot of things that can go wrong with your pallet racking systems.

To ensure secure pallet racking, inspect the following components on a regular basis:

Anti-collapse mesh

  • Beams
  • Beam locks
  • Bracing
  • Column guards
  • Decking
  • Floor fixing anchors
  • Foot plates
  • Front and rear posts
  • Load notices and labels
  • Shims


The beams are especially important, as they tend to bear the brunt of forklift damage. Keep an eye out for deflection or bending beams. It’s normal to find some level of deflection, but if your racks are overloaded, the beams will show extreme bending. This is a sign that you need to reposition or remove the load after ensuring the beam’s integrity.

Your warehouse racking and the product it holds are vital to your business. Why not protect your investment while making your warehouse safer? We have all the products and knowledge necessary to help you make the best choices when protecting your employees and your investment.

Contact us today to find out more about warehouse pallet racking safety!