Furnish Your Office With Our Modular Office Furniture

December 11, 2020

Our Experience as the best and the oldest Office Furniture Manufacturers in Pakistan

Having decades of experience in the industry and realizing the requirements of present day offices, Gujrat Steel Pvt. Ltd., as office furniture manufacturers, is offering customized and holistic solutions to our clients. Our experts will work with you in designing a furnishing blend which will ensure that all spaces are effectively utilized – at the same time, only durable, the best, long-lasting and strong furniture is in place. Our semi-modular furniture range, Metwood Furniture Solutions will give you an array of options to set up the office layout – space adjustments can be easily done when needed in future.

What is Metwood Furniture Solutions?

Metwood Furniture Solutions is our brand of high quality, semi-modular furniture that ranges from workstations to partition panels to mobile-cabinet systems. Using the latest innovations in furniture design and manufacturing, our Metwood Furniture Solutions range is thoroughly treated with processes such as Degreasing, Derusting, Phosphating and Oven-Baked Powder Coating to ensure elegance and superior functionality.

Complete Turnkey Solutions offered to Ensure Convenience

When looking for a complete turnkey solution for furnishing requirements, we will meet all your demands. Our experts will undertake all the tasks with perfection –planning, drawing, designing, manufacturing and installation of the furniture. We will ensure that your workspace is efficient and fully utilized. Our planners use state-of-the-art techniques such as AUTOCAD to help plan your space in a way that is efficient but is also aesthetically pleasing.

Why Choose Our Brand of Office Furniture?

An essential and perpetual necessity to keep at par with latest and sophisticated development in technology and to adopt and make use of modern techniques & mode of production has always been the hallmark and corporate philosophy of Gujrat Steel (Pvt) Ltd. In order to achieve this objective, the Research and Development Department is constantly engaged in improving and upgrading the processes and developing new products. Our skilled craftsmen and experienced planners have created an entire line of high end office furniture that is modular. This ensures that you can completely change the setting of your office space with your existing furniture. The existing furniture can be placed in any way you want and can accommodate more furniture items in the future too. Get the best and the most durable office furniture Pakistan, from us.

How do we develop innovative products under this brand?

Being the latest concept in furniture and furniture items, our high end office furniture are manufactured completely at our ISO certified factory, by our skilled technicians under the supervision of our engineers and planners. This ensures that quality is maintained in our office furniture. Being a fully equipped plant, GSPL, as office furniture manufacturers, proudly does all production in house, including powder-coated painting and oven-baked painting. Working in a team will help us in giving you a proposal which will be in alignment with your specifications. You will be part of our crew – working as a partner so that you are well aware of even minor details of the furnishing. You can trust us with your concepts. Just bring your ideas to us and we will turn them into a reality.

What makes Metwood Furniture Solutions stand out from its competitors?

Our range of semi-modular furniture is designed with three things in mind; aesthetic, comfort and functionality. Top-grade materials and exquisite craftsmanship are combined to create products that are attractive and are of outstanding quality. The Metwood Furniture Solutions range offers a complete range of semi-modular wooden office furniture including, workstations, conference tables, executive desks, filing cabinets, office partitions, as well as furniture for libraries, locker rooms and cafeterias.

Advantages of furnishing your office with Metwood Furniture Solutions

All of Metwood Furniture products are always kept in stock. Whether you want to modify your office look or want to expand it or even have the same furnishing in a new office, you can have the same designs whenever you need. It is assured that you will have 100% uniformity in your office furnishing – regardless of when you bought your furniture previously.

Since we manufacture our products ourselves, we always have Metwood Furniture ready all the time. If you want quick delivery of an item, you just need to call us and we will ensure that you receive the product the same day. Our Premium, semi modular range of furniture is always in stock and ready for delivery.

Gujrat Steel’s presence in the industry for more than 7 decades is an indication of our commitment in designing, developing and delivering those products to our clients which are made from genuine, strong and the best raw materials.