Designing The Ultimate Remote Home Office

March 21, 2022

Having some way to separate your home life from your work life is a key element of any home office. Not everyone can afford their own custom-designed house, let alone an extra room that could be a dedicated office space. Therefore, making the most out of what you have is essential.

But the question remains: How can we create a home office environment that is both conducive to productivity and overall work satisfaction – a place that encourages us as professionals and human beings? Working from home is, in the end, a way of seeing your life wholly; everything is in one place, and sometimes it’s hard to keep all those ends from bleeding together or from spreading us too thin.

We have a few tips to help you with that:

  1. Get Yourself a Door:

Having some way to separate your home life from your work life is a key element of any home office.

It’s also extremely important to demarcate your work area from the rest of your house. Having these demarcations and boundaries will help in bringing you to your “work-zone” mentally, therefore, boosting productivity.

  1. Engage With Nature:

While working from home, one major thing to consider is your mental wellbeing. According to a study done in the UK in 2014, they showed that engaging with nature could help lower cortisol levels and help us reduce stress and increase our productivity level by up to 15%.

Choosing nature-inspired designs and natural materials for furniture such as a wooden desk and chair or having pressed flowers for your wall art could help boost your overall mood and productivity.

  1. Get Yourself an Ergonomic Desk & Chair:

In an age where people are working from anywhere, it’s essential that office spaces provide the much-needed ergonomic comfort and style that enhances one’s productivity and ability to pull off long working hours.

A healthy posture is of prime importance as we end up working long hours at a stretch. So ensure that the desk has an ergonomic design. Minor adjustments to your desk space can prevent muscle strain and back pain.

Ensure that the structure of the desk provides complete backrest without straining the neck as well. An ergonomic chair is also essential for correcting your posture and to ensure you do not strain your back or neck.

A smart idea is to choose a desk with a matt finish which will help diminish reflecting lights, and in turn, the stress put on your eyes. When purchasing a computer desk, it is also sensible to make sure that its height allows your hands to tap on the keyboard without the need to lower or raise them above the waist.

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