Choosing The Best Office Furniture Supplier

June 28, 2021

Several factors can prompt a company to rethink its workspace. In every situation, this involves a number of important steps that bring their own set of challenges and opportunities. Change is always a positive experience when it is well managed. Hence, the importance of working with the right people.

The notions of human comfort, well-being, collaboration and individual mobility have become the pillars of modern business strategies when it comes to the working environment.

Choosing a supplier or manufacturer to furnish your office is no easy task. One can never be too careful in doing their due diligence to find out everything about their preferred manufacturer and supplier.

Which is why we have made it easy for you to choose the best for yourself. Below are some factors that one needs to think about before choosing the best office furniture supplier:

  1. Does The Supplier Provide Free Consultancy Services?

Before you decide what to purchase, it is wise to familiarise yourself with all the options available to you. This would not only help you choose what’s right for you and for your company, but would also help in saving time and money. ·

The ability to add value to the team and design strategy of the spaces. A good office furniture supplier doesn’t sell office furniture but rather offers solutions. Anyone can sell an ergonomic chair. But not everyone is able to offer ergonomics consulting services, for example.

Gujrat Steel’s team of professionals meet with the client to get an understanding about their requirements and business.

  1. Does The Supplier Provide Free On-Site Inspection?

On-Site Inspection is crucial before furnishing your work space. This would help you in maximising every inch of your space and using it to its full potential. On-site inspection would also help saving your firm money as it will make sure you purchase what’s right for you.

After the initial meeting, Gujrat Steel’s team visits the location to conduct an inspection in the area so that relevant and feasible solutions can be determined and planned.

  1. Does The Supplier Offer Customized Solutions?

Another key component one should be looking for is if the supplier has the ability to provide customized solutions to its clients. This is vital in maximising your space and making it efficient.

Gujrat Steel’s researchers, designers and engineers discuss the requirements of the clients and design solutions especially for them. This process is done in accordance to the needs and requirements of the client.

  1. What Kind of Materials Is The Supplier Using?

Of course one cannot ignore the raw material used to make the furniture for your office. This would be vital in ensuring that not only is your furniture aesthetically pleasing, but is also durable all the while ensuring employee productivity also.

Gujrat Steel imports the best quality of Cold-Rolled Steel of E.G grade 1, that is used to manufacture our award-winning products. Our Metwood Furniture Solutions range is thoroughly treated with processes such as Degreasing, Derusting, Phosphating and Oven-Baked Powder Coating to ensure elegance and superior functionality. With an in-house Powder-Coating plant as well as the facilities for Oven-Baked paint, Gujrat Steel has full control over the quality of its products and  its manufacturing processes.

  1. Does The Supplier Provide any Quality Assurance?

When manufacturing any product or system, utmost importance should be given to the quality to make sure that only durable solutions are provided to the clients. In all stages, before, during and after manufacturing, care should be given to quality ensuring that the final products comply with international quality standards.

All of Gujrat Steel’s products are manufactured at our plant in SITE,  Karachi. Made under the strictest quality controls, you can be assured you’ll  receive only premium quality products. Being certified with Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) and The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and with winning the Brand of the Year Award for 10 years straight, Gujrat Steel has successfully managed to maintain its status as the industry influencer and its name synonymous with quality and innovation.

  1. Does the Supplier Provide Transportation and Installation Services?

Once the project is completed, the product or system should be transported to the client’s facility ensuring that it reaches the destination safely.

This is why Gujrat Steel provides its clients with transportation services and complimentary installation services to ensure that all parts of the product are assembled properly, assuring that it will fulfill the desired purpose with excellence.

  1. Does the Supplier Have Good Customer Service?

Another key feature to look for is good customer service. No one wants to be stuck with a firm that doesn’t reply to its clients queries and resolves their problems.

After delivery, we make sure that clients are provided adequate information about the product. Gujrat Steel’s customer representatives are available 6 days a week, during office hours, for our customers. Our competitive team makes sure that all calls are attended in a timely manner and that all queries are resolved as soon as possible.

  1. Does the Supplier Provide Good After-Sales Services?

After sales service plays an important role in customer satisfaction and customer retention.

At Gujrat Steel, we believe in making our customers happy, which is why we provide our esteemed clients with free after-sale services such as repairing and maintenance so that their issues are handled proactively.

Why Is It So Important to Choose the Right Furniture Supplier?

In other words, as in so many sectors, a good business office furniture supplier is a professional who is able to add value to your plans. Someone who has the right solution for your unique needs. Someone who will ask the right questions, guide you, take into account your vision for your company, help you navigate change with your teams and, ultimately, propose the best furnishings adapted to your needs, your brand identity and your budgets – and who will successfully complete your project.

Why Choose Gujrat Steel?

The most important quality of a good office furniture supplier is not simply to be aware, but to be able to participate in a smart, nimble way. You want a partner who is first and foremost a strategist, as well as a design consultant – someone who can provide you with expertise and quality service, well before showing you office furniture.

Which is why you’re at the right place! Contact us today to take advantage of our free consultation and on-site inspection services. We will work with you to provide you with a solution that elevates your company’s image and boosts productivity!