Choose The Best Almirah/Cupboard For Your Storage Needs

June 23, 2022

What are Cupboards/Almirahs?

Cupboards, Almirahs, Storage Cabinets are all different names for the same product. Cupboards are multipurpose storage cabinets that can be used to house many different kinds of things such as files and documents at offices, textbooks and course books at schools, grocery items and clothing items at homes, amongst many other things.

Cupboards are extremely useful storage spaces as they help you in storing your items in an organized way, thereby reducing clutter in your surroundings. Our almirahs/cupboards can be used in offices or schools to store files, books and magazines. They can also be used in a variety of ways, including storing groceries at home or spare parts at a workshop. Moreover, their versatility ensures that they can be used by both office users and domestic users.

Why are Cupboards/Almirahs Important?

From personal closets to high-security vaults, there are various different types of storage options utilized all over the world, on an everyday basis. Some might be more particular than others, nonetheless, their aim stays the same: to keep things coordinated and out of the way, for different reasons. Storage almirahs/cupboards are likewise utilized in every different environment, from domestic to commercial properties, and are an essential component of working environments across the globe. Thus, they’re quite possibly the main pieces of any office, medical care building or industrial warehouse.

As storage specialists, we at Gujrat Steel Pvt. Ltd. are very much aware of the significance of storage cupboards, cabinets and shelves in professional environments. Keeping this in mind, we explain a little about some of the main uses of cupboards, the different ranges that GSPL offers and which one would suit you best.

The Different Kinds of Cupboards/Almirahs We Offer:

Today, practically a wide range of almirah incorporate a door that can be bolted for security purposes. You can likewise install drawers that have a locking mechanism for extra security. The most commonly used cupboards are manufactured using plastic, wood or steel.

There are numerous cupboards you can find that are also fire-resistant and they are therefore considered ideal for workplaces. You can buy various different kinds of cupboards at Gujrat Steel, depending on your need, requirement and budget.

Our brand Metwood Furniture Solutions has the latest almirah designs available in Pakistan. Available in 3 different categories, our wide range ensures that there is something for everyone. The three different categories are:

  1. Premium Range: Our Premium Furniture Range is modular and solid. Made out of the best imported raw materials, processed with our unique 9-step derusting process and finished with a smooth powder-coated paint, this range is made to last. This range has many different designs of almirahs available such as, single door, double door, glass-fronted or even door-less and can be manufactured in steel, wooden or even a combination of both.
  2. Deluxe Range: Our Deluxe Range is designed for low-budgets and is made out of good quality imported steel sheets. This range is specially for those who want better products than what is generally available in the market. Available in standard, conventional designs, this range is finished with superior quality oven-baked paints.
  3. Standard Range: Our Standard Range is especially designed for low-budgets. Made out of imported steel sheets, these Standard Cupboards come with a market-quality hammer-finish spray paint.