Why You Need Gujrat Steel’s Fire-Resistant Filing Cabinets?

September 7, 2022

Fire resistant vaults and filing cabinets present a foolproof way to protect your business’ valuable information. The vaults and cabinets provide the very highest level of protection from fires, impact damage, theft and even explosions.

Our exclusive range of fire-resistant safes and filing cabinets provide you safety from theft, fire and burglary. Most importantly, these fire-safety items have fire resistance capacity for up to 6 hours. We also offer various precision locking options for you so that extra security is provided for your safe or filing cabinet

Not all filing cabinets are the same. There are a lot of different kinds of filing cabinets available in the market today, such as Lateral, Vertical, Mobile, Fire-Resistant models. It is very important to know that each type of Filing Cabinet has its own sets of pros and cons and therefore, one must do their research before making a purchase.

The most common kind of question we get as manufacturers is whether Fire-Resistant Filing Cabinets are all that different from regular Filing Cabinets. And the answer we give is a big fat YES!

Why Fire-Resistant Filing Cabinets Are Needed Now More Than Ever!

Research indicates that over 90% of all businesses who experience a fire and lose vital records as a result, don’t survive. Avoid becoming a statistic by investing in fireproof filing cabinet storage and security safes for storing assets and records.

Vigorously tested under the harshest of conditions, these systems are designed to provide you with the greatest degree of protection against explosions, fires, impact damage and, even, theft.

Types of Fire-Resistant Filing Cabinets We Manufacture Are:

  • Warrior Series:

This series provides good security to your documents and files as it is made out of high tensile imported steel plates. This range is fire resistant for upto 3 hours. This range of filing cabinets has protected with a heavy-duty vault-style door that ensures that neither a thief nor fire is able to break through.

  • Protector Series:

This series has especially designed for our clients with a low-budget. Made out of imported steel sheets, this range is fire resistant for up to 45 minutes.

Different Kinds of Locking Mechanisms:

Gujrat Steel in its drive to cater to everyone, offers three different types of locking mechanisms, to ensure your ease and convenience. The different types of locking mechanisms that we offer are:

  1. Key Locks.
  2. Digital Locks
  3. Combination Locks.

What Should I Store in My Fire Proof Filing Cabinet?

Fire filing cabinets are ideal for important paperwork and documents. That would be difficult to replace including passports, title deeds, insurance policies, vehicle documents. Also certificates, tax records, wills, computer hardware and precious memories like photographs. They can even double up as safes since there will be plenty of room to store small items of jewellery within the cabinet.

About Our Brand TEJORI Safes & Security Equipment

Tejori Safes and Security Equipment has made using top-quality, imported materials and the highest standards. This range includes safes, filing cabinets, vault doors, doors as well as fire-resistant safes, doors and filing cabinets. With our quality guarantee, you can trust Tejori Safes and Security Equipment to safeguard your valuables and give you peace of mind.