Why Gujrat Steel Fire Resistant Safes Are Worth It

August 22, 2022

The most important thing to note is that since paper burns at 218–246 °C, it is crucial to buy a safe that wouldn’t burn when surrounded by fire at this temperature. This is why safes are rated with fire ratings, which basically tell you how long the safe would last until it starts burning and probably even destroying the contents inside.

But Always Remember

A safe has to be of good quality anyhow. Some fire safes look sturdy because they are big, but they offer a weak lock with small bolts. The lock can be easily drilled or lock picked. The bolts are not resistant enough to intrusion. The sheets of steel that form the carcass are too thin and can be easily cut.

That is why, we only recommend buying a good safe that is fireproof, and not just any fireproof safe. If you hesitate, first check the weight of the safe. If it is too light, there is a problem with the thickness of the steel and its bolts size. If you ever found your safe cracked open or stolen, you might understand that the primary risk is theft, long before fire or floods. So choose a good overall safe that also has fire resisting capabilities.

Types of Fire-Resistant Safes We Manufacture

The Tejori Safes and Security Equipment Range covers the following items:

  1. Armoured Series: This series provides the best security as it is made out of imported armored steel plates. This range is gas-welding resistant which means that thieves won’t be able to cut your safe open. This series is fire resistant for up to 6 hours.
  2. Warrior Series: This series also provides good security as it is made out of high tensile imported steel plates. This range is fire resistant for up to 3 hours.
  3. Protector Series: This series is our low-budget range. Made out of imported steel sheets, this range is fire resistant for up to 45 minutes.

Different Kinds of Locking Mechanisms:

Gujrat Steel in its drive to cater to everyone, offers three different types of locking mechanisms, to ensure your ease and convenience. The different types of locking mechanisms that we offer are:

  1. Key Locks.
  2. Digital Locks
  3. Combination Locks.