What To Look For in Digital Safe Lockers For Hotels

February 18, 2022

Safe deposit locker is a facility provided by hotels to the in-house guests to keep their valuables and important documents in safety during their stay at the hotel. Hotels may provide this facility with or without charges as per the policy.

Nowadays most hotels provide in-room safes with codes for locking. The safe deposit lockers have one key only for a guest and a second independent key with the front office cashier. So it takes the guest key and the cashier key to open the locker.

Since everyone has important documents, items and cash at home or in a hotel room, it is crucial to have a safe for protecting the valuables from any unforeseen incident. Whether you are looking for a small safe to be placed at home or a strong safe for your guests at the hotel, Gujrat Steel has manufactured a range of Domestic/Hotel Safes for you to choose from.

These safes are suitable to keep everyday wearable jewellery, passports, petty cash, documents and other valuable items in them – we assure you that your items will remain protected from any kind of casualties such as      burglary and others.

To give extra protection, these safes are fitted with manual override keys and easily programmable electronic lock systems. Moreover, these are fitted into walls and floors with nuts and bolts to ensure that these safes are immovable.

Unique features of Our Domestic/Hotel Safes:

  1. Small and compact in size making them suitable for homes and hotel rooms
  2. Various locking options are available for extra security
  3. Available in different colours and sizes to meet your requirements
  4. Manufactured with only the best materials to give value for your money
  5. Finished with our signature powder-coated paint to add beauty and durability to the safe

Fire-Resistant Options:

The body of a Gujrat Steel Fire-Resistant Domestic/ Hotel Safe has the capability to protect your valuables from fire for upto 1 hour.

Take advantage of the achievements gained through more than 70 years of experience. By using Gujrat Steel Pvt. Ltd. fire-resistant Domestic/ Hotel Safes, you are assured of decades of quality, protection and safety. Gujrat Steel Pvt. Ltd. fire-resistant Domestic/ Hotel Safes meet the standards set by the Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) and are strictly in design production and service according to ISO 9001 requirements.  Our Domestic/ Hotel Safes are the best Domestic/ Hotel Safes available in Pakistan, which is proven by the fact that Gujrat Steel has won the Brand of the Year Award for 10 years consecutively!

Different Kinds Of Locking Mechanisms:

Gujrat Steel in its drive to cater to everyone, offers three different types of locking mechanisms, to ensure your ease and convenience. The different types of locking mechanisms that we offer are:

  • Key Locks.
  • Digital Locks
  • Combination Locks.

Our Domestic/ Hotel Safes are versatile enough to be hidden in numerous ways, which you will be briefed about at the time of purchase. The body of a Gujrat Steel Fire Resistant Domestic/ Hotel Safe is designed for great strength & rigidity. It is fabricated using modern precision tooling and sheet metal working equipment. Only the best quality of  imported steel is used to manufacture these Domestic/ Hotel Safes. Don’t compromise on your safety and reduce the loss of life and property!

Why Choose Gujrat Steel?

  • Credible – Being present in the market since 1948, we have been exceeding our clients’ expectations by fulfilling our commitment of providing only durable, long-lasting and quality products
  • Extensive range of products – Over the years our company has diversified itself by offering metal and wooden furniture meeting office, commercial and industrial needs
  • Excellent customer service – Our competent after-sales services ensure that our valued clients are always satisfied and content, even after buying our products.