Make Your Home Safe and Secure with Our Diversion Safes!

June 22, 2021

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What Are Diversion Safes?

A Diversion Safe is exactly what it sounds like: it’s a safe that is hidden from view.

A traditional safe, such as a free-standing unit, hotel safe or gun safe, will typically be found in open space. You may keep your safe on a work surface or under a desk. These safes still offer great security, but they are easy to spot as well, which makes them more accessible to potential criminals. Diversion Safes offer an extra level of protection simply by being harder to find.

Why Do You Need Diversion Safes?

Securing your valuables in a safe is usually a good deterrent to thieves, indicating that you’ve taken steps to protect your most valuable items, but it’s always possible a particularly determined burglar might decide to make off with your entire safe and try to open it by force at a different location. Just in case of this scenario, safes are available that can be hidden within your home making them very hard to locate, never mind get in to. Most thieves will spend six or less minutes in your home looking for your valuables and will look in the most obvious places, so hiding your safe can pay dividends.

Most home intruders check the most common hiding places for valuables and snatching what they can.

That’s exactly why you need a Diversion Safe. A Diversion Safe allows you to hide your valuables in plain sight. A Diversion Safe can store money, jewelry and other valuables, and it might be exactly what you need in your home, dorm room, or office.

About Our Exclusive TEJORI Diversion Safes:

There are numerous types of Diversion Safes available to homeowners and businesses alike. Each offers unique benefits in terms of accessibility and theft prevention. The main types of Diversion Safes are:

  • Floor Safes: Diversion Floor safes are fitted into the flooring space of a property and sealed permanently within concrete. In order to find this kind of safe, you must know exactly where to look. Even if you can find it, they are impossible to remove, meaning the only way somebody can access it is by knowing the necessary codes or combinations. Typically small in size, although larger units are available, Diversion Floor Safes offer perhaps the ultimate in Diversion Safe protection and are powerful tools in the fight against the theft of valuables.
  • Wall Safes: A Diversion Wall Safe is designed to fit into spaces modelled into property walls. The idea is that the unit is set into the brickwork of the building itself and secured to the wall by mountings, making it near impossible to remove. The added benefit of a Diversion Wall Safe is that it can then also be hidden behind pictures, TVs or other items. Wall DIversion Safes are very discreet. Much like the Diversion Floor Safe, you really need to know what you are looking for if you are actually going to find it, making it another great option for asset protection.

An innovative product in our range of Diversion Safes is the 007 Safe. Big, powerful and solid, just like its name, this Diversion Safe is fire-resistant and almost impossible to break in. Our 007 Safe is ideal for houses and offices that are currently under-construction. These safes can be hidden in your walls or wood-paneling, and are especially designed for those individuals who don’t trust banks and safety-deposit lockers.

Take advantage of our on-site inspection team and call our experts to guide you on how to install and conceal your safes.

About Our brand TEJORI Safes and Security Equipment:

Tejori Safes and Security Equipment are made using top-quality, imported materials and the highest standards. This range includes safes, filing cabinets, vault doors, doors as well as fire-resistant safes, doors and filing cabinets. With our quality guarantee, you can trust Tejori Safes and Security Equipment to safeguard your valuables and give you peace of mind.

Our products are fitted with imported digital and combination locks. The Tejori Safes and Security Equipment Range covers the following items:

  • Armoured Series: This series provides the best security as it is made out of imported armoured steel plates. This range is gas-welding resistant and is also fire resistant for upto 6 hours.
  • Warrior Security: This series also provides good security as it is made out of high tensile imported steel plates. This range is fire resistant for upto 3 hours.
  • Protector Series: This series is our low-budget range. Made out of imported steel sheets, this range is fire resistant for up to 45 minutes.