Why Gujrat Steel’s Fire Exit Doors Have the Best Key Features?

September 19, 2022

Why Do You Need a Fire-Resistant Steel Door?

According to the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics, the number of fires have increased all over the country. Ranging from fires caused by flammable liquids, electrical malfunctions or even other combustibles, fires are sudden and quick, destroying everything in their path.

Fire-Rated Metal doors or Fire-Rated Steel Doors are designed to withstand fire for a given timeframe, usually starting from a rating of 30 minutes and going up to 2 hours or 120 minutes. This time frame allows one to vacate the area where the fire has broken out, to ensure the safety of the people in that area.

Fire-Exit Doors, Emergency Exit Doors or Emergency-Fire Doors work by containing the fire and blocking it from spreading to other areas. Typically used as doors for stairways, these fire-exit doors ensure that people will be safe to evacuate via stairwells in case a fire breaks out.

What Makes Our Fire Exit Doors Different?

An ordinary steel door is very vulnerable to fire and spaces it is dividing would quickly burn. Gujrat Steel’s Fire Exit Doors are specially built to withstand and resist high temperatures. Although their outward appearance is just like an ordinary Fire Exit Door with handles and locks, they are heavier and made of high quality, imported CRC steel sheets. Made of thick reinforced steel they provide a much better first line of defence than a standard steel door.

Rather than being a simple room divider. Gujrat Steel Fire-Exit Doors offers unrivalled protection for your loved ones and your valuables,  in the event of an outbreak of fire. By being fire resistant for up to 2 hours, it will keep your loved ones and valuables safe for a critical time period giving the emergency services time to arrive on the scene and put out any fire. This often means the difference between life and death in critical situations.

Why Trust Gujrat Steel With Your Life?

Gujrat Steel Pvt. Ltd. is known as the best fire door company in Pakistan for over 70 years. Keeping in mind the hazardous nature of fire and the destruction it causes. GSPL proudly manufactures and installs fire-resistant steel doors that are also used as emergency exit doors and emergency fire doors. Also known as fire-exit doors, these fire-resistant metal doors are versatile enough to be used at home or at offices.

Our Experience and Accreditations

Take advantage of the achievements gained through more than 70 years of experience!

By using Gujrat Steel Pvt. Ltd. fire-resistant doors, you are assured of decades of quality, protection and safety. Gujrat Steel Pvt. Ltd. fire-resistant doors meet the standards set by the Pakistan Engineering Council. And are strictly in design production and service according to ISO 9001 requirements. Don’t compromise on your safety and reduce the loss of life and property.

When you choose Gujrat Steel’s excellent fire doors, you can expect an excellent product and service from the top door manufacturers in Pakistan. No other fire rated steel door suppliers in Pakistan provide the level of service like Gujrat Steel Pvt. Ltd.

Our Wide Range of Fire-Resistant Doors:

Protecting your loved ones and your valuables has never been easier with our exclusive range of fire-resistant steel doors and fire-resistant metal doors. Made according to your needs and requirements, our fire-rated metal doors are especially developed keeping your safety in mind.

All the doors we provide are manufactured in Gujrat Steel’s state-of-the-art facility in Karachi. We also supply fire-resistant frames as part of our range of fire rated doors.

For all of your door manufacturers’ needs, choose Gujrat Steel!

Our range of Fire-Resistant Doors includes:

  • Fire-Exit Doors (with Push-bar handle)
  • Fire-Resistant Doors (with glass panel)
  • Fire- Resistant Doors (without glass panel)
  • Fire-Resistant Doors ( Double- doors)
  • Tejori Fire-Resistant Vault Door