A portable food cart/kiosk is a stand that is set up on the street or inside a shopping mall to facilitate the sale of fast food and similar items. Gujrat Steel Pvt. Ltd designs and builds unique and innovative food carts with top quality imported steel. These Food Carts can be used indoors or outdoors.

Our Food Carts are versatile enough to be used as fast food carts or ice cream carts, and dessert, salad or even fruit bars at events. These Food Carts are available in different sizes, colours and models and can even be customised as per your requirements.

  • Size: As per requirement. Completely customizable.
  • Color: As per requirements.
  • Material: Imported Steel/locally-sourced Wood.
  • Paint: Oven baked / Powder coated 
  • Ideal for usage:  food courts, marriage halls, shopping malls, food festivals, roadside eateries, etc.