Gujrat Steel Manufactures Superior Quality Low Bed Trailers

October 13, 2022

What Makes Our Low-bed Trailers Different?

Experience the next generation with our Truck Beds, under the brand Roadrange Trailers & Bowsers, with their rugged construction, innovative features and superior quality. Our Roadrange Truck Beds offer the ultimate in quality,  features and options.

Our Low-bed Trailers can handle heavy workloads and withstand tough conditions. With innovative, steel, flat-bed and low-bed designs and durable finishes, these Low-bed Trailers are planned, and manufactured by the hands of the industry’s most experienced professionals.

  • Size: As per requirement.
  • Standard color: Completely customizable.
  • Made according to OGRA and NHC standards.

Transportation of Heavy Vehicles Made Easy

Addressing the demand of effective, durable and efficient heavy vehicles, Gujrat Steel has a range of trailers and browsers. Our services are valued by overland cargo handlers, distributors and private and government bodies who are looking for heavy vehicles for transportation purposes.

Safety standards are strictly followed for ensuring that operational excellence is achieved. Even customization services are available for our clients who want to get their vehicles designed and manufactured exclusively for their business purposes.  Also, the clients are provided with user manuals and training sessions are also conducted if needed, to help them understand the process completely.

Our services in this category which can be availed are:

  • Fuel Bowsers
  • Water Bowsers
  • Cargo bodies/ Truck
  • High-bed Trailers
  • Low-bed Trailers
  • Tipping Trailers

Why Trust Gujrat Steel With Your Life?

Gujrat Steel Pvt. Ltd. is known as the best fire door company in Pakistan for over 70 years. Keeping in mind the hazardous nature of fire and the destruction it causes. GSPL proudly manufactures and installs fire-resistant steel doors that are also used as emergency exit doors and emergency fire doors. Also known as fire-exit doors, these fire-resistant metal doors are versatile enough to be used at home or at offices. 

Our Experience and Accreditations

Take advantage of the achievements gained through more than 70 years of experience!

By using Gujrat Steel Pvt. Ltd. fire-resistant doors, you are assured of decades of quality, protection and safety. Gujrat Steel Pvt. Ltd. fire-resistant doors meet the standards set by the Pakistan Engineering Council and are strictly in design production and service according to ISO 9001 requirements. Don’t compromise on your safety and reduce the loss of life and property. 

When you choose Gujrat Steel’s excellent fire doors, you can expect an excellent product and service from the top door manufacturers in Pakistan. No other fire rated steel door suppliers in Pakistan provide the level of service like Gujrat Steel Pvt. Ltd.