Water Bowsers

Roadrange Trailers and Bowsers


Gujrat Steel (Pvt) Ltd. Bowsers can also be used to transport water for various purposes. Our Water Bowsers are produced for transportation and distribution of industrial/domestic and drinking water. In order to achieve those different operations, each water tanker is equipped with various features and is designed according to the capacity of the carrier vehicle.

In today’s dynamic environment, requirements of organisations are changing faster than ever. This is why we constantly upgrade our services to match their new needs. We constantly monitor our progress ensuring there are no performance flaws. Upon completion, we furnish our clients with the complete user manuals and necessary training allowing them to understand the product in its entirety.

  • Size: As per requirement.
  • Standard colour: Completely customisable

Technical Specifications

  • Metal used: imported.
  • Paint: Oven baked / Powder coated .
  • Load bearing capacity: Completely customisable.

Additional Information

  • Ideal for usage: Petrochemical Industries, water transportation services, etc.
  • Colours available: Black, yellow, dark/light grey, blue, orange, red.
  • Colours can be completely customized at an extra cost.