Gujrat Steel Being the Master in Making Fuel Bowsers

September 30, 2022

Gujrat Steel is the most obvious choice for selecting manufacturers that can expertly make these Fuel Bowsers for you. That is exactly why we’ve been trusted for over 70 years by transporters. Overland cargo handlers, distributors and other private and governmental bodies that are seeking varied types of heavy vehicles.

A Fuel Bowser is a trailer fitted with a tank which can carry Water, Diesel, Kerosene, Aviation Fuel or Petrol. These are mostly used to provide water (dust suppression, flower watering, animal feeding). Also (accommodation/welfare units, etc) or fuel (machinery/plant operation). All of which could be useful in a variety of scenarios including construction sites, event management, or agricultural applications.

What is Our Fuel Bowser Made From?

Gujrat Steel produces the world’s most unique fuel bowsers. Each fuel bowser can be customised to suit the customer’s requirements. Our Fuel Bowsers are manufactured in capacities from 5,000 litres to 15,000 litres. All bowers can be purchased with numerous pumping and tank options.

Gujrat Steel Fuel Bowsers are manufactured using 6mm high quality steel. These tanks can also be made in stainless steel. All Fuel Bowsers are mounted on a strong internal chassis for extra strength. To provide a high level of corrosion resistance all Gujrat Steel Fuel Bowsers are given two coats of priming paint followed by two finish coats of Powder coating paint giving long lasting durability.

All bowsers manufactured by Gujrat Steel come with either a hydraulic or an electric diesel pump and a digital or analogue read out. This can also be combined with an auto shut off lance

What Makes Our Bowsers Different

At Gujrat Steel Pvt. Ltd., we take pride in being pioneers and trendsetters in our industry. By introducing and manufacturing different products for the first time in Pakistan, we have managed to make our company synonymous with quality and innovation. From manufacturing caravans, dutch trailers, steel pedestrian bridges, fire trucks and telecommunication towers, Gujrat Steel Pvt. Ltd. has undertaken jobs for a large variety of projects and products.

Gujrat Steel Pvt. Ltd is the finest supplier of road handling equipment for dangerous goods, with safety services and transporter friendly solutions. Gujrat Steel Pvt. Ltd. offers a variety of class-leading dangerous goods handling equipment including fuel bowsers and rigid body over truck chassis. Being pioneers in the industry, our commitment is to increase efficiency in our customer’s businesses and to shape the future of safety and dangerous goods handling.

Gujrat Steel (Pvt) Ltd. bowser trucks can also be used to transport water for various purposes. Our water bowsers are produced for transportation and distribution of industrial/domestic and drinking water. In order to achieve those different operations, each water tanker is equipped with various features and is designed according to the capacity of the carrier vehicle.

The Different types of Trailers and Bowsers We Manufacture

Our range of steel tankers/bowsers is the finest in the market and is trusted by local corporations as well as multinationals.  The Roadrange Trailers line includes the manufacture of:

  1. Water Bowsers
  2. Fuel Bowsers
  3. Flat-bed Trailers
  4. Cargo Bodies

About Our Brand Roadrange Trailers and Bowsers

The Roadrange Trailers line caters to the needs of transporters, overland cargo handlers, distributors and other private and governmental bodies seeking varied types of heavy vehicles.

By using our highly developed R&D department and following strict safety standards we provide customised vehicles for a wide range of industries. From operational, rescue and transport our specialized vehicles are always prepared. To use the most advanced technologies to construct the right vehicle for any operation the client demands.

In today’s dynamic environment, requirements of organisations are changing faster than ever. This is why we constantly upgrade our services to match their new needs. We constantly monitor our progress ensuring there are no performance flaws. Upon completion, we furnish our clients with the complete user manuals and necessary training allowing them to understand the product in its entirety.

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