Everything You Need To Know About Our Fire-Exit Doors

May 5, 2022

What is a Fire-Exit Door?

Fire Exit Doors not just provide a means for evacuation, they also keep smoke and fire from spreading at different areas inside the premises. Guaranteeing that your property is adequately furnished with heat proof Fire-Exit Doors is crucial, as is keeping them maintained so they may work at the optimum level.

To lay it out plainly, Fire-Exit Doors save lives. These special entryways are tried against the components and are especially made to withstand thundering fires for as long as possible. They enable structures to compartmentalize and delay the spread of fire starting from one region then onto the next.

Fire doors are a crucial first line of defense in many of these fires, and yet they remain a significant area of neglect. Fire doors are often the first thing to be downgraded in a specification, mismanaged throughout their service life, propped open, damaged and badly maintained.

Fire- Exit Doors have a couple of indispensable safety features and truly can be the difference between life and death. Two of the main safety features Fire-Exit Doors have are:

  1. When shut, they act as a hindrance to stop the spread of fire.
  2. When opened, they provide a safe way to escape.

Types of Fire-Exit Doors We Manufacture:

When you choose Gujrat Steel’s excellent fire doors, you can expect an excellent product and service from the top door manufacturers in Pakistan. No other fire rated steel door suppliers in Pakistan provide the level of service like Gujrat Steel Pvt. Ltd.

Protecting your loved ones and your valuables has never been easier with our exclusive range of fire-resistant steel doors and fire-resistant metal doors. Made according to your needs and requirements, our fire-rated metal doors are especially developed keeping your safety in mind.

Our range of Fire-Exit Doors includes:

  • Fire-Resistant Single Door
  • Fire-Resistant Double Door
  • Fire-Resistant Frames
  • Fire-Resistant with Push Bar handle

What Makes Our Fire-Exit Doors Different

Manufactured according to international standards, at our state of the art factory, our Fire-Exit Doors are one of a kind. Having undergone different treatments and processes to ensure durability and strength, our Fire-Exit Doors are finished with our signature, in house powder-coated paint.

With a fire rating of 2 hours, our fire-exit doors are strong, durable and dependable. Take advantage of the achievements gained through more than 70 years of experience!

About Our Brand TEJORI Safes & Security Equipment

Tejori Safes and Security Equipment are made using top-quality, imported materials and the highest standards. This range includes safes, filing cabinets, vault doors, doors as well as fire-resistant safes, doors and filing cabinets. With our quality guarantee, you can trust Tejori Safes and Security Equipment to safeguard your valuables and give you peace of mind.