Choosing Open Shelving or Closed Cabinets

November 22, 2021

Choosing Open Shelving or Closed Cabinets depends on a number of factors. Open Shelving remains a hot trend for new work spaces, and it’s easy to understand why. Not only does it give an office a more expansive, opened-up vibe, but it also allows business owners and their employees to more easily view and grab needed files and documents.

In Favour of Open Shelving

Open Shelving is a common storage solution for just about any office. However, like all storage options, there are some design considerations. Following are some tips about this type of storage that can help you determine if it’s the right option for your office.

Open Shelving is a great way to display colorful knick-knacks and decorative items. It can transform a room, acting as an aesthetic centerpiece that creates a particular ambiance, be it peaceful, relaxing, or stimulating. Another advantage of Open Shelving is that you can easily see and access files and documents that you use on a daily basis, thereby creating efficiency at your workplace.

Open Shelving can work in all areas of an office. It can come in a variety of colors and finishes, and in different materials. Some people even install metal shelves or paint boards that act as racks. Additionally, Open Shelving is versatile and can be used for many different purposes and items.

In Favour of Closed Cabinets

There are several reasons why Closed Cabinets are very convenient. One reason is that items placed on the Open Shelves will accumulate dust and need periodic cleaning. Open Shelving is less than ideal if you need to store items that need to be kept secure and/or wouldn’t look nice on display.

It can also be a hassle to keep Open Shelves organized throughout the day if you are continually using items from these shelves. In these cases, Closed Cabinets would be ideal.

Moreover, for those of us residing in earthquake country, Open Shelves are a no-no unless precautions are taken to prevent the contents from tumbling out during an earthquake.

The Middle Ground

Our glass-fronted cupboards have unlimited uses and can be used in libraries to showcase and store catalogues and magazines, or in clinics and hospitals to store medicines and other medical equipment. They could also be used in schools and universities to store and display textbooks.

This Glass-fronted Cupboard from our brand, “Metwood Furniture Solutions” is multipurpose. Available in different sizes, models, colours and shelving options, these glass-fronted cupboards can be used in offices to store files, at home to store crockery and grocery items and in shops to display products.

The Value of Office Furniture Design

Today, you can choose from a variety of different office furniture that will meet all of the needs of a mixed office, which may include quiet safe spaces, socializing rooms, brainstorming/meeting rooms, and task-based rooms. As such, you can choose from a myriad of different furniture pieces, whether you want to retrofit an existing space or are designing an entirely new office space.

The good news is that modern furniture has been designed to be compact, lightweight, modular, and mobile, so you can easily mix and match different pieces to find the ideal working environment for your employees.

About Our Brand Metwood Furniture Solutions

Metwood is our brand of high quality, semi-modular furniture that ranges from workstations to partition panels to mobile-cabinet systems. Using the latest innovations in furniture design and manufacturing, Metwood Semi-Modular Furniture is thoroughly treated with processes such as Degreasing, Derusting, Phosphating and Oven-Baked Powder Coating to ensure elegance and superior functionality.