Buy The Best Quality Supermarket Shelves In Pakistan!

January 26, 2021

A supermarket which has items dumped in one place or arranged in a highly disorganized manner will give a wrong impression to your customers. Since supermarkets are visited by customers on a daily basis, it is crucial for the owners to design its layout in a way that items are placed clearly and are easily accessible.

Do You Want Supermarket Shelves Which Will Display Your Items Properly And Make Your Store Look Beautiful?

Whether you need steel shelving for displaying or merchandising a range of products within your store, Gujrat Steel’s team of planners and engineers can design, fabricate and install it for your facility.

We specialize in project management and design.  Manufacturing and installing shelving systems while keeping in mind your products, budget, retail/store environment and timeframe. Our experts make sure that the Supermarket shelves are designed and manufactured in a way that your products stand-out and complement your brand as well as the environment it is in.

Advertisement Panels – Our Distinctiveness

Since hoardings, billboards and signboards are a threat for people’s lives and a ban has been imposed on such advertising by the government, companies need a new way of advertising. Gujrat Steel has a cost effective solution “Advertisement Panels” which can be placed on top of the supermarket shelves – offering a two-in-one offering two-in-one solution.

These panels are backlit – attracting customers to your vicinity which will boost your sales and give a bright and aesthetically pleasing look to your store. Also, they are made from steel and powder coated – making them super durable.

Different Types of Supermarket Shelves:

Our Supermarket Shelves are freestanding fixtures used by retailers to display merchandise. Our display shelving for supermarkets, showrooms and departmental stores is available in a number of different models such as:

  • Single Sided
  • Double-Sided
  • Glass fronted


With our supermarket racking systems you can adjust your shelves at a variety of different heights, depths, or shelf numbers to optimize the display of your products for maximum exposure and sales. And since these shelves are so easy to disassemble and assemble, you can easily change the way you display your products at any time. Available in a range of colors and designs, these shelves are practical, versatile and are also aesthetically pleasing.

Why Can You Trust Gujrat Steel?

All our products are manufactured at our plant in Karachi, under the strictest quality controls, so that you can be assured that you will receive only the best quality products. Being certified with PEC and ISO along with winning the Brand of the Year Award for 10 years straight, Gujrat Steel has successfully made its name synonymous with quality and innovation.

Over seventy years later, we are a titan in the field of industrial and private steel goods manufacturing and fabrication, with four strong brands and a reputation for quality that continues to raise the bar for our competitors.

We are recognized in the market for our extensive scope and excellent quality of performance in various fields of manufacturing and fulfill the requirements of large scale projects belonging to both the government and private sector.