What Materials Are Used To Make Industrial Shelving

April 15, 2021

Industrial Shelvings are basically just sheets of steel, bent at the right angles, notched and set up right to form shelves. The more you have in terms of weight, the higher the strength of the uprights and beams to support the weight being stored.

When purchasing Industrial Shelving they should do their research about what kinds of industrial shelving you’re getting. Not everyone knows what kind of questions they should be asking themselves is. Don’t worry we’ve compiled a list to help you:

  • Workmanship/ Technology: A Roll Forming Machine is used to make these Industrial Shelvings, as per international racking standards. If you’re buying Industrial Shelving, you should make sure it’s produced by fully automated machines to discount human error. Can you imagine the loss if your industrial shelving installation collapses?  With hand made, or semi-automated machines, calculations cannot be 100% correct. Even an inch off could mean a lot of loss especially when heavy loads are concerned.

Gujrat Steel is the only company in Pakistan that can provide its clients with the latest technology in Racking Systems called the Box Beam. Used globally, these special types of Box Beams are made using a fully automated Roll Forming Plant that includes a fully automated, double-lipped Box Beam Roll Forming Machine with seam locking technology which is also roll forming.

  • Paint/Finish: The second thing you should be looking for in an Industrial Racking/Shelving system is the paint and finish. You would want the paint to be able to survive tough loads along with wear and tear.

Metwood Semi-Modular Furniture is thoroughly treated with processes such as Degreasing, Derusting, Phosphating and Oven-Baked Powder Coating to ensure elegance and superior functionality. With an in-house Powder-Coating plant as well as the facilities for Oven-Baked paint, Gujrat Steel has full control over the quality of its products and  its manufacturing processes.

  • Raw Materials: Of course one cannot ignore the raw material used to make these Industrial Shelvings/Racking Systems. Low Carbon steel is generally used to manufacture structural elements such as racking and shelvings.

Gujrat Steel imports the best quality of Cold-Rolled Steel of E.G grade 1, that is used to manufacture these Industrial Shelving/Racking Systems. The same material is used globally in International Racking Standards.