Protect Your Business with Armoured Steel Vault Door

October 7, 2022

What Are Armoured Doors?

When thinking about enhancing the security of your vault, an ideal solution is to install a vault door which is of premium quality. What should you do to get a secured door designed for a bank vault or your jewelry store?

Gujrat Steel can provide you the most durable, efficient and secured vault door – fulfilling your specifications. With our doors, you can keep your vaults protected from thieves or any attacks from a range of sources such as high-powered disc-cutters, fire, gas-cutting explosives and others.

How to Choose the Best Armoured Door to Protect Your Business?

When we have to buy an armoured door there can be doubts and insecurities, especially if we don’t know the sector. What is the right price for an armoured door? There is no one-sort of answer: probably there is a reason if the product costs more. The reason very often hides behind the thicknesses of the sheet used, the quality of the components and the care in the details, things that you can not notice.

When evaluating different armoured doors, various elements must be taken into consideration. Let’s see which ones:

  1. Security

A not safe armoured door has no reason to exist. To be safe, an armoured door must be certified and tested and must be made with quality materials. It also must be combined with high-level locking accessories, such as cylinders and defenders.

  1. Design

Having a secure, but aesthetically unappreciated Armoured Door is not the best choice you can make. Careless details, low-quality materials and poorly finished accessories increase the chances of your armoured door failing to do its job. We are offering the best steel door design in Pakistan, those are mostly liked by customers.

  1. Quality

Quality has several aspects: a quality door is also a door that we enjoy every day without ever getting tired of it. We take into account all its details, from noise reduction to thermal transmittance, and to fire resistance.

  1. Aesthetics:

While safety is the first thought in one’s head while installing an Armoured Door, aesthetics should not be forgotten either

Advantages of Armoured Steel Vault Doors That Will Protect Your Business!

Here are some major advantages of using a Steel Armoured Door:

  1. Environmentally Friendly:

Steel Armoured Doors save more than 60% of wood compared to solid wood doors. Not only energy saving, but more importantly, environmentally friendly.

  1. Add An Extra Layer of Security:

A security door or doors work to boost your place’s security and they do this in many ways. They are generally made from steel, or wrought iron, making their frames strong, sturdy and durable.

  1. Protection From Fires:

High-security Doors from manufacturers like Gujrat Steel not only provide industrial-strength but are also classed as fire doors – meaning that they keep people inside safe on two accounts.

  1. Convenient

The Steel Armoured Door is easy to install, it is ready to use. Whereas, it takes 10 days or even a month compared to the self-made door. The Steel Armoured Door can be completely installed and put into use within 1 hour and 2 hours.

  1. Advanced Locking Mechanisms

Another advantage is its advanced locking mechanism. Once it is locked, there is no way to open it without the keys. It features several locking points.

  1. Provide Peace of Mind

When installed in one’s business or shop, the owner will have peace of mind knowing that intruders will be kept outside. Their office or store will be safer with the installation of an Armoured Steel Vault Door.

Install a Steel Armoured Door Today!

Looking to upgrade your business security? Gujrat Steel’s brand TEJORI Safes and Security Equipment is the right choice for you! Install a range of tough, durable and imposing Steel Armoured Doors to keep you and your property safe. Please contact us for more information or to get a free quote.

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