Gun Safe

Safes and Security Equipment


Most responsible gun owners know the choice to own a deadly weapon comes with the obligation to keep it secure. Gujrat Steel Pvt. Ltd understands the need for these gun safes and is therefore the first company to develop these in Pakistan.

A Gun Safe is a safe for one or more firearms and/or ammunition for those guns. Gun Safes are primarily used to prevent access to unauthorised or unqualified persons such as children, for burglary protection and to protect the contents from damage during a fire or natural disaster.

Since our Gun Safes are made out of tough imported and fire-resistant steel, they promise to keep your valuable gun collection safe. Available in two different sizes, our Gun Safes are a hunter’s and a gun collector’s dream.

  • Size: 72″H x 30″W x 22″D / 53”H x 24”W x 22”D
  • Quality: Superior
  • Standard Colour: Grey

Technical Specifications

  • Key lock /Digital Lock/Combination Lock.
  • Metal used: imported
  • Paint: Oven baked / Powder coated
  • Weight: Approx 250 to 300 Kgs.

Additional Information

  • Ideal for usage: Office, home, shop any place where you need to store guns safely.
  • Extra fittings are available at an extra cost:
    • (a) Digital Lock.
    • (b) Combination Lock.
    • (c) Drawer Unit with Lock
    • (d) Wooden pallet/ Steel Stand/ Steel trolley