Warrior Series Fire-Resistant Cabinet Safe

Safes and Security Equipment


  • Size: 72″H x 30″W x 22″D / 53”H x 24”W x 22”D.
  • Quality: Superior
  • Standard Colour: Grey.

Technical Specifications

  • Key lock /Digital Lock/Combination Lock.
  • Metal used: imported
  • Paint: Oven baked / Powder coated
  • Weight: Approx 250 to 300 Kgs.
  • Fire resistance capability.

Additional Information

  • Ideal for usage: Office, home, shop any place where you need to store cash/important documents safely.
  • Extra fittings are available at an extra cost:
    • (a) Digital Lock.
    • (b) Combination Lock.
    • (c) Drawer Unit with Lock
    • (d) Wooden pallet/ Steel Stand/ Steel trolley