Steel & Wood Combination Cupboard – Glass Fronted Double Door

Metwood Furniture Solutions


In today’s dynamic environment, requirements of organisations are changing faster than ever. This is why we constantly upgrade our services to match their new needs. We constantly monitor our progress ensuring there are no performance flaws.

Our Metwood Furniture Solutions is semi-modular and is known for its durability and quality finish. Made out of superior quality imported materials and finished with our signature powder-coating paint or Polish work.

Our Combination Range is delivered in flat parts and is assembled when purchased without the need of special tools. It is packed and delivered in separate flat-packed boxes and comes with the necessary nuts and bolts for their assembly, and with an instruction manual.

This range consists of a complete, semi-modular range of office equipment in both wood and steel as well as a combination of both. This range includes:

  • Double-Door Cupboards
  • Single-Door Cupboards
  • Glass-Fronted Single Door Cupboards
  • Glass-Fronted Double-Door Cupboards
  • Double-Door Cabinets
  • Double-Door Extension Units
  • Single-Door Extension Units


  • Size: 71″H X 36″W X 16″D.
  • Also available in single door (71″H x 23″ W x 16″ D).
  • Quality: Premium quality with a modern and sleek design.
  • Standard Colour of Body: Chocolate brown.
  • Standard Colour of Door: Laminated Wood.

Technical Specifications

  • Metal used: Imported.
  • Paint: Oven Baked / Powder Coated.
  • This series can be flat-packed and be assembled easily by yourself.

Additional Information

  • Ideal for usage at: offices, stores, banks, homes, schools, hospitals, etc.
  • Extra fittings are available at an extra cost:
    • (a) Shelves
    • (b) Drawers
    • (c) Key locks