Get Your Personal Space With Our Modular Partition Systems

January 19, 2021

What Are Partition Systems?

Room partitions are unique systems that can solve any creative and technical problems in the process of planning a space. Effectively secluding and barricading a space from the larger work space, these Partition Systems are cost effective as well as easy to dismantle and relocate in the future.  Segment dividers are vertical dividers which are used to separate spaces into rooms, workspaces and  passageways.

Do You Need a Partition System?

Partition Systems are used in offices and shops. Used in place of traditional masonry walls, these Partition Systems are used in offices especially to make small cubicles for individuals and dividing a big hall into smaller rooms and corridors, therefore utilising your space better.

The Different Kinds of Partition Systems We Offer:

The different kinds of Partition Systems we offer are different on the basis of what materials are used in its manufacturing. The different kinds of Modular Partition Systems that we produce and offer are:

  1. Standard Gypsum Board Partitions
  2. Moisture Resistant Gypsum Board Partitions
  3. Fire-Resistant Gypsum Board Partitions
  4. Aluminum Partition Systems

We also offer extra fittings/ accessories such as internal wiring, lighting, data cabling, telephone wiring and plumbing options.

These Partition Systems can also be fitted with glass windows and/or doors.

What Makes our Partition Systems different?

Our modular Partition Wall Systems are the only completely prefabricated Partition Systems in Pakistan. They are manufactured at our plant in Karachi. This not only saves time but is also less messy when assembling at the place of installation. These Partition Systems can be installed within a day, just with a few screws. This also means that in case you decide to change the layout of your office or change offices in the future, you can easily uninstall the Office Partition System and reassemble it however you want it.

Constructing masonry walls is expensive, time consuming as well as a tedious process. Using Modular Partition Systems instead would not only help you save time, money and effort, these are proven to be great for your ceilings as they are lighter than traditional masonry walls.

Our Partition Systems can be completely customized to whatever specifications ie, height, width, material and finishing you want and can be used wherever, at offices, shops and even homes. Moreover, we also have fire-resistant options available that offer fire-resistance for upto 3 hours. This means that in the case of sudden fires, these fire-resistant partition systems might help in saving your important files, documents and quite possibly, your life too.

Our Modular Partition Systems also offer privacy to its users. Our Modular Partition Systems are insulated with glass wool that not only offers fire-resistance, but also helps in sound proofing,  all the while also making your Office Partition System resistant to heat, ensuring that the internal temperature of your workspace does not increase with the temperature outside.