Make The Most of Storage Shelves With Gujrat Steel

June 30, 2021

The variety of storage shelving and racking options can seem overwhelming when seeking a solution for your storage needs. There are substantial options such as pallet racking systems, and smaller shelving units that are more suitable for hand-picked items.

Most warehouses utilize a combination of shelving and racking systems to accommodate a range of stored goods. Effective use of the different options can significantly streamline your operation, provide a straightforward organizational system for your staff to locate products, and increase profitability.

Before investing in storage solutions, it’s crucial to know the advantages and limitations of each one.

  1. Pallet Racking Systems:

When you need to store heavier or larger merchandise, heavy-duty pallet storage racks are an excellent option. You can choose several types depending on your available floor space, workflow requirements, and budget.

The first question one should be asking themselves when purchasing a racking system for their warehouse, is what would be stored on these racks. Racking Systems are made on the basis of their load bearing capacity to ensure that accidents, such as racking systems collapsing, do not happen.

Gujrat Steel has the provision to supply racking systems that can hold from 100 kg to 4000 kgs UDL per level.

  1. Tote-Bin Racking Systems:

Our hanging tote-bin racks will help you keep your workspace organized. The polypropylene bins can easily be removed while you work and then stored securely in the steel louvre panels. Lids are also available to protect your items from dust and other environmental factors.

The louvered panels are formed from heavy duty cold rolled steel and have a powder coated/oven-baked finish which ensures years of heavy duty use. These panels can be single or double-sided, and may be mounted on any suitable surface including walls, benches, inside service trucks and cabinets or on carts. This hanging tote-bin rack is available in a variety of different sizes and colours to suit your needs.

  1. High-Rise Racking Systems:

You may not have much space available in your warehouse, and you may therefore want to make the most out of it. Choosing a racking system that is designed specifically for your space can help you to increase storage density, so this is one of the first things you must consider.

If your ceiling is high, it would be best for you to get a racking system that is up to your ceiling in height. This would help you make the most out of your existing space. These racks so high up would be made accessible with the help of Walkways and Mezzanine Floors.

  1. Drive-In Racking Systems:

Drive-in racking is perfect when storing similar items such as roofing shingles. This racking system creates storage lanes that fork trucks drive into. The lanes are several levels high using heavy-duty rails to hold the pallets. The fork truck operator drives into the racks and places the pallet on heavy-duty rails. Drive-in racks have excellent storage density, limited selectivity, and restricted ability to rotate stock.

  1. Cantilever Racking Systems:

Cantilever Racking systems are used to store items that cannot be easily stored on pallets. Warehouses that use cantilever racks usually store longer and heavier items to be stored horizontally across multiple arms (like lumber or steel pipes). Pallet racks, on the other hand, have vertical uprights that limit the length of stored items. This is the primary difference between cantilever racking and pallet racking.

About our brand Storeway Racking and Shelving Systems

Racking systems go far beyond simply stacking products. At Gujrat Steel Pvt. Ltd. we believe that space is an indispensable commodity. Keeping this philosophy in mind, we introduced the Mobile Storage System in Pakistan. This enables you to maximise storage space while using a minimum amount of floor space.

Some of our other Storeway Racking Systems include heavy-duty pallet racks, double-decker racking systems, cantilever racks, medium and semi-medium duty racks for warehouses and showrooms. All our Storeway Racking Systems are economical, multipurpose, well-fortified and versatile, making them extremely beneficial and profitable purchases. Additionally, we also manufacture and provide a variety of display shelving systems to showrooms, supermarkets and libraries.

In Conclusion:

Choosing between these types of racking systems will depend on the various goals of your operation and the relevant inventory data like volume and throughput. No matter your decision, always be sure that this racking is installed safely and effectively to increase productivity.

Usually, it takes a combination of shelving and rack systems to meet all the warehouse operations requirements and ensure you maximize your bottom line. For more information or to request a quote contact one of our sales professionals at [email protected] or 021-35686412.