Ideas on Selecting Bedroom Cupboard Designs for Home

December 8, 2022

We have all dreamed of owning stylish wardrobes just like celebrities do. Who wouldn’t want something that looks like it’s straight out of a magazine. Before you get inspired to design yours first decide the bedroom it’s going to be placed in.

There are several types of wardrobes you can design today based on your individual requirements and the type and size of the bedroom it will be placed in. However, one thing that is common, irrespective of the bedroom it is used in, is that wardrobes are frequently used. And every bedroom in your house needs a wardrobe that is easy to access, offers ample storage space, and blends in with the overall interior design of your bedroom.

Before selecting a wardrobe for any bedroom of your house you must first narrow down your choices to either a freestanding wardrobe or a built-in wardrobe. The advantage of freestanding wardrobes is that they can be easily carried to another bedroom or a new home in case you move.

  1. Traditional Wooden or Steel Cupboards

Different spaces require different pieces of furniture. Our Premium Series Cupboards come in different heights, models and colors so you can choose a combination that works for you. You can also customize these cupboards to your specific needs.

As part of our premium modular furniture range, these cupboards are the best solution for your wardrobe requirements. These cupboards are made with premium quality imported steel sheets and are treated with many different processes such as derusting, phosphating and degreasing to ensure that they do not age with time.

  1. Mobile Shelving Wardrobe

Fitted on tracks and equipped with easy-to-use handles, our Mobile Shelving Systems are ideally for office use to store records and important files. These Mobile Shelving Systems are versatile enough to also be used in your homes in walk-in closets to maximize space. They can be fitted with adjustable shelving or our premium quality cupboards to suit your requirements.

Our Mobile Shelving Systems create a lot of storage space in confined areas. When more space is needed in existing premises, these Mobile Shelving Systems allow you to gain space without any extensions. You can save up to 66% space by using this compact storage system.

  1. Built-In Wardrobe Cupboards

Another option is to design a built-in wardrobe. While built-in wardrobes are not movable the biggest benefit here is that you get to customize and personalize it in terms of materials, size, colors and accessories to match your style and requirements.

Gujrat Steel CSB Racks are so versatile that they can be easily used as shelving and hanging spaces for Walk-In Closets. Made out of premium quality imported steel sheets and finished with our signature in-house powder-coated paint these wardrobes will make your walk-in closet pop!

  1. Glass-Fronted Cupboards:

These Glass-Fronted Cupboards from our Premium Range, are multipurpose. Available in different sizes, models, colors and shelving options, these Glass-Fronted Cupboards can be used in homes to store and display items in your closet such as clothing, shoes and bags.

Our Glass- Fronted Cupboards are thoroughly treated through different processes such as derusting, phosphating, oven-baked powder coating and enamel painting, which ensure the beauty and durability of the products. All our products are quality controlled at each stage of production, which is why we have consistently won the Brands of the Year Award for 9 years straight.

What Materials And Finishes Are Right For Wardrobes?

The most important thing to consider while choosing or designing a wardrobe for any bedroom is the materials and finishes. The idea is to design a sturdy wardrobe that can hold a lot of your stuff and look absolutely stunning at the same time. Most interior designers will recommend using MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard), HDF (High-Density Fiberboard) or plywood. All of these materials are strong, durable and fit for wardrobes.

On the other hand, the list of finishes for wardrobes you can choose from is never-ending. You can opt for laminates (matte and high gloss), veneers, acrylic, lacquered glass, or glass finishes as per your budget and taste. However, you must understand that every bedroom has a specific purpose attached to it and therefore interior design to suit the same.