What Are Push Cart Cabinets & How Are They Different From Traditional Shelving Systems?

July 11, 2022

The key to a tidy, organised office is good storage – you want enough space so that you can hide away the things you don’t want to see everyday, but still have a few areas where you employees can have space to work.

Modular Storage Systems are vital in modern office space. Expansion should not mean that you have to move out of your existing office space. There should be some way the existing space can be transformed to fit the growing needs of a growing organisation.

This is exactly why we have developed Push Cart Cabinets.

What Are Push-Cart Cabinets?

Our Push Carts are a type of compressed filing systems that create a lot of storage space in confined areas. When more space is needed in existing premises, these Push Carts allow you to gain space without any extensions. You can save up to 66% space by using this compact storage system.

If you have less storage space in your office and you are looking for an efficient solution for your storage requirement, then Push-Cart cabinets are designed especially for you and your workspace.

Push-Cart Cabinets are a type of Compressed Filing System or in other words an even more compact version of Mobile Shelving System – especially manufactured for your small storage space. It is also an eco-friendly solution because it can be reused, relocated and even resold at any time in the future.

Unique Features of Push-Cart Cabinets

  • Even more compact than Mobile Shelving Systems as they are especially designed for very small spaces.
  • Easy to move because they are fitted on tracks
  • Completely safe for filed materials
  • Good resale value as they are an asset
  • Can be relocated and reinstalled elsewhere in the future
  • Protects your files and documents from environmental factors
  • Fully Customizable according to your requirements
  • A compact storage system – ensuring workplace efficiency
  • It can be fitted with shelves, cupboards or drawers to ensure maximum storage
  • Adaptable to any available space with ease.


What is a Modular Compressed Storage System?

Our Modular Compressed Storage Systems create a lot of storage space in confined areas. When more space is needed in existing premises, these Modular Compressed Storage Systems allow you to gain space without any extensions. You can save up to 66% space by using this compact storage system.

Fitted on tracks and equipped with easy-to-use handles, the Modular Compressed Storage System can also be used in your homes in walk-in closets to maximise space. They can be fitted with adjustable shelving or our premium quality cupboards to suit your requirements.

Some other types of Compressed Filing Systems we manufacture:

  1. Mobile Shelving Systems
  2. Mobile Cabinets System

How Are Compressed Filing Systems Different From Other Types of Storage Solutions?

Compressed Filing Systems require less than half of the space as compared to conventional storage racks. This not only implies higher space utilisation, but also means lower running costs in terms of rent, electricity, cleaning, etc.

Our Compressed Filing Systems are mounted on compactors and are equipped with easy-to-use handles, ensuring smooth and effortless mobility with easy access to your files and documents. This new concept of filing system has a number of advantages such as:

  • Saves Floor Space.
  • Improves Pick Times.
  • Safe & Secure.

About Our Brand Storeway Racking and Shelving Systems

Racking systems go far beyond simply stacking products. At Gujrat Steel Pvt. Ltd. we believe that space is an indispensable commodity. Keeping this philosophy in mind, we introduced the Mobile Storage System in Pakistan. This enables you to maximise storage space while using a minimum amount of floor space.

Some of our other Storeway Racking Systems include heavy-duty pallet racks, double-decker racking systems, cantilever racks, medium and semi-medium duty racks for warehouses and showrooms. All our Storeway Racking Systems are economical, multipurpose, well-fortified and versatile, making them extremely beneficial and profitable purchases. Additionally, we also manufacture and provide a variety of display shelving systems to showrooms, supermarkets and libraries.

Trust us, we’re experts in this field!