Find The Pallet Racks That Are Right For You

July 19, 2021

Efficient pallet racking systems are essential to cost-effective material handling. Since there are various types of pallet racking, it is vital you choose the best styles for your business. Whether you want to increase your warehouse storage density, or improve access to your goods, there is a storage solution that meets your requirements.

At Gujrat Steel, we can help you find the right storage solution for your facility and create a customized design that optimizes your warehouse layout for better productivity and efficiency. Our project managers can guide you every step of the way from design to installation and inspection to give you a safe and efficient storage system.

The Different Kinds of Pallet Racks We Manufacture:

  1. Pallet Racking Up To The Ceiling:

Our state-of-the-art Roll Forming Machine allows our clients to utilise all their space, even vertically. With the latest technology in Racking Systems, we can make your Racking Systems as tall as your ceilings which would increase your storage space, without having to move to a bigger premises.

  1. Mezzanine Floors:

With our Mezzanine Flooring System, increase your floor space within your existing space. This system is a semi-permanent floor system usually installed in buildings, industrial or warehouse facilities in between two permanent original stories.

The Mezzanine Flooring System is frequently used in industrial operations like warehousing, manufacturing or distribution to increase existing space. It can be assured that our team will make sure that optimum level of storage is made available by strategically mapping out the vacant space.

There are several distinct aspects of using the Mezzanine Flooring System. Some of which are; it creates additional space without costly moving or building extensions and are therefore a cost effective option. They are quick to install and have no maintenance costs.

These Mezzanine Floors are easily reusable at another location. They are also resalable as they are an asset.

  1. Walkways:

Walkways are utilized in warehouses and storage facilities to use vertical spaces for optimizing the storage space. Walkways are a flexible and versatile solution for your storage facility as they can effectively double the square footage of your existing storage area by utilizing the vertical space. These walkways are different from Mezzanine Flooring Systems since they are not free standing structures and are only installed with high rise racking systems.

Since moving in between the racks has to be convenient and safe, our walkways are designed keeping all this in mind. Gujrat Steel has expertise in offering a wide range of walkways for various facilities ensuring that the top half of the racking system is accessed easily as well as safely, without risking your employees’ life on unsteady ladders or spending a lot of money and time on operating forklifts.

There are a lot of advantages to using our Walkway Systems. Some of which are;  Walkways are a cost effective option as there is no maintenance cost. They can be easily dismantled and reinstalled at a new location and can also be resold as they are an asset.. This one time investment that will last for a long time as compared to forklifts and similar options which are costly and time consuming.

Our Walkways can effectively double the square footage of your present storage space by utilizing the vertical space.

  1. Drive-In Racking Systems:

Drive-in racking is perfect when storing similar items such as roofing shingles. This racking system creates storage lanes that fork trucks drive into. The lanes are several levels high using heavy-duty rails to hold the pallets. The fork truck operator drives into the racks and places the pallet on heavy-duty rails. Drive-in racks have excellent storage density, limited selectivity, and restricted ability to rotate stock.

About our brand Storeway Racking and Shelving Systems

Racking systems go far beyond simply stacking products. At Gujrat Steel Pvt. Ltd. we believe that space is an indispensable commodity. Keeping this philosophy in mind, we introduced the Mobile Storage System in Pakistan. This enables you to maximise storage space while using a minimum amount of floor space.

Some of our other Storeway Racking Systems include heavy-duty pallet racks, double-decker racking systems, cantilever racks, medium and semi-medium duty racks for warehouses and showrooms. All our Storeway Racking Systems are economical, multipurpose, well-fortified and versatile, making them extremely beneficial and profitable purchases. Additionally, we also manufacture and provide a variety of display shelving systems to showrooms, supermarkets and libraries.


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