Choosing a Compressed Filing System: What Are Your Options?

March 28, 2021

What is a Compressed Filing System?

Our Mobile Shelving Systems create a lot of storage space in confined areas. When more space is needed in existing premises, these Mobile Shelving Systems allow you to gain space without any extensions. You can save up to 66% space by using this compact storage system.

Fitted on tracks and equipped with easy-to-use handles, the Mobile Shelving System can also be used in your homes in walk-in closets to maximise space. They can be fitted with adjustable shelving or our premium quality cupboards to suit your requirements.

Racking systems go far beyond simply stacking products. At Gujrat Steel Pvt. Ltd. we believe that space is an indispensable commodity. Keeping this philosophy in mind, we introduced the Mobile Storage System in Pakistan. This enables you to maximise storage space while using a minimum amount of floor space.

Why Are Compressed Filing Systems Important?

With our strategically designed Compressed Filing Systems will have more than double filing capacity in the same space – your stored files will be consolidated in one central area. Gujrat Steel will ensure that your employees and staff will not have to wander around trying to find files in alternate storage rooms or file areas – improving their productivity.

What Are Your Options?

We have 3 kinds of Compressed Filing Systems:

  • Mobile Shelving:

With our Mobile Shelving Systems, you can store more things in less space – improving the accessibility and organization of stored materials. By just turning the handle, the isles will compact together – replacing isle spaces with additional room for storage. The storage space can be increased upto 66% by utilizing your existing space efficiently.

Our Mobile Shelving System is an ideal option for storing all types of books and important documents. The system is fitted on tracks, making it accessible and easy to move. Moreover, It can be easily reinstalled somewhere if required. Additionally, these systems are an asset and have a resale value. Our Mobile Shelving Systems are fully customizable according to your requirements. Our In-house oven baked/Powder-Coated paint facilities ensure strict quality control and give us full authority over the color and finish. Our Mobile Shelving Systems give maximum space utilization in a limited space. Furthermore, our Mobile Shelving Systems can keep track of files with our unique file organisation system which prevents loss/theft of files

  • Push-Cart Cabinets:

Our Push Carts are a type of compressed filing systems that create a lot of storage space in confined areas. When more space is needed in existing premises, these Push Carts allow you to gain space without any extensions. You can save up to 66% space by using this compact storage system.

If you have less storage space in your office and you are looking for an efficient solution for your storage requirement, then Push-Cart cabinets are designed especially for you and your workspace.

Push-cart cabinets are a type of Compressed Filing System or in other words an even more compact version of Mobile Shelving System – especially manufactured for your small storage space. It is also an eco-friendly solution because it can be reused, relocated and even resold at any time in the future.

  • Mobile Cabinets:

In your office, you want quick accessibility to important documents or files – it is a time consuming task to move back and forth for them. Gujrat Steel understands your need for having a movable storage system for enhancing the efficiency level of your employees. We have developed Mobile Cabinets with superior quality and durable materials so that they will work efficiently for a long time.

You can conveniently organize your work area with our modern Mobile Cabinets. They are mounted on strong casters so your employees can move them easily. All the essential materials are kept secured and out of sight in these cabinets and are accessible whenever needed.

The benefits of our Mobile Cabinets are many. Firstly, these Mobile Cabinets are a compact storage system which ensures workplace efficiency. Secondly, these Mobile Cabinets are versatile enough to be fitted with shelves, cupboards or drawers to ensure maximum storage.. Furthermore, they are adaptable to any available space with ease. Thirdly, they can be relocated and reinstalled elsewhere in the future Fourthly, these systems are an asset and have a resale value. Additionally, these Mobile Cabinets are fully customizable. Our in-house oven baked/Powder-Coated paint facilities, not only ensure strict quality control but also give us full authority over the colors and finish.

Why Can You Trust Gujrat Steel?

Gujrat Steel Pvt. Ltd. was the first company to introduce Mobile Shelving Systems in Pakistan. Specially designed to increase storage space, these Mobile Shelving Systems save upto 66% space.

All our products are manufactured at our plant in Karachi, under the strictest quality controls, so that you can be assured that you will receive only the best quality products. Being certified with PEC and ISO along with winning the Brand of the Year Award for 10 years straight, Gujrat Steel has successfully made its name synonymous with quality and innovation.

Over seventy years later, we are a titan in the field of industrial and private steel goods manufacturing and fabrication, with four strong brands and a reputation for quality that continues to raise the bar for our competitors.

We are recognized in the market for our extensive scope and excellent quality of performance in various fields of manufacturing and fulfill the requirements of large scale projects belonging to both the government and private sector.