All About Our Armoured Safes

August 6, 2022

Fire resistant safes present a foolproof way to protect your business’ valuable information. These fire-resistant Armoured Safes provide the very highest level of protection from fires, impact damage, theft and even explosions.

Our exclusive range of fire-resistant Armoured Safes provide you safety from theft, fire and burglary. Most importantly, these fire-resistant Armoured Safes have fire resistance capacity for up to 6 hours. We also offer various precision locking options for you so that extra security is provided for your Armoured Safes.

So What Exactly Makes Armoured Safes Different?

Heat, smoke and fire can destroy your business within 30 minutes if your documents are kept in non-resistant fire storage spaces. So, how about investing your money in a safe so that your vital papers and documents are kept safe and sound? Armoured Series Safes are our top-of-the-line safes from the TEJORI brand.

Our premium Armoured Series Safes are made from special high-carbon, imported steel plates. To protect from fire, these safes have fire- resistance capacity of up to 6 hours and they have gas cutting resistance features.

Uniqueness of Armoured Series Safes:

  • Fire-resistant for up to 6 hours
  • Gas-welding resistant aspect is present in the safes
  • The weight of these safes is approximately 2500-2800 kgs which cannot be carried away during burglary – enhancing the security of your valuables
  • Can be easily fitted with key, digital or combination locks
  • These safes are ideal for use in homes, offices, shops or any place where you need to store important documents, records, cash and etc.
  • Adjustable drawer units and shelving options are available
  • Insulated with fire-resistant compounds
  • Safes are available in different sizes and models

How To Choose The Right Locking Mechanism?

The lock of the fire-resistant Armoured Safe is crucial to understand which is the best fire-resistant Armoured Safes for your needs. There are various types designed to ensure different levels of security, but also designed according to the specific needs of the owners, depending on whether they are private homes or work facilities.

Gujrat Steel in its drive to cater to everyone, offers three different types of locking mechanisms, to ensure your ease and convenience. The different types of locking mechanisms that we offer are:

  • Key Locks.
  • Digital Locks
  • Combination Locks.

About our Brand TEJORI Safes & Security Equipment

Tejori Safes and Security Equipment are made using top-quality, imported materials and the highest standards. This range includes safes, filing cabinets, vault doors, doors as well as fire-resistant safes, doors and filing cabinets. With our quality guarantee, you can trust Tejori Safes and Security Equipment to safeguard your valuables and give you peace of mind.

Take advantage of the achievements gained through more than 70 years of experience. By using Gujrat Steel Pvt. Ltd. fire-resistant safes, you are assured of decades of quality, protection and safety. Gujrat Steel Pvt. Ltd. fire-resistant safes meet the standards set by the Pakistan Engineering Council and are strictly in design production and service according to ISO 9001 requirements.

For more information on how you can protect your valuables, please contact us. Our safe experts can help you determine which safe is the perfect solution for protecting your valuables.

Install a Steel Armoured Safe Today!

Looking to upgrade your home or business security? Gujrat Steel’s brand TEJORI Safes and Security Equipment is the right choice for you! Install a range of tough, durable and imposing fire-resistant Armoured Safe to keep you, your family and your property safe. Please contact us for more information or to get a free quote.

You can email us at [email protected] or visit our showroom at 183 A.M. Shahrah-e-Iraq, Sadddar, Karachi. You can also call us at 021-35686412 or Whatsapp us 0323-2681959.  Our team would be happy to assist you in any way we can!